Could You Benefit from a Tumble Dryer?

Let’s face it, in the UK we aren’t known for our fabulous weather and summer time. And with our ultimately busy schedules, a family to look after, the tea to cook, the lawn to mow, the cat to feed, and so on, work can seem endless. So how can the humble tumble dryer take some of the stress out of this tiresome list?


Electric and Gas Cookers: Which One Suits You Best?

When it comes to designing your perfect kitchen, every detail matters. A good starting point for kitchen appliances is choosing a cooker. The perfect cooker for you is one that suits your personal cooking preferences, experience, familiarity, and one that will ultimately stand the test of time.

So, gas VS electric, which cooker is right for you?


Summer Fridge Failure: 5 Things You Can Do

Summer is a wonderful time for food, fun and frolicking in the sun. When the sun has got his hat on, your fridge and its cooling power can be a saviour! If your fridge breaks down in this time, it not only causes some bad smells, gone off food, and a puddle of water, but – no doubt – you being stressed out!

But don’t panic, because we have a small guide on how you can get through the process, while you wait for a repairman to save the day!


Top 4 Kitchen Secrets

The kitchen is a hallowed hall of beautiful smells and even better tastes (depending on your skill level, of course). Knowing a few tricks and tips to take your cooking to the next level is the best way for you to further your mastery of the culinary arts. Surprisingly, the simpler tips and tricks that you know the better this mastery may be.


Washer Dryer Issues And How To Diagnose Them

A small issue with your washer dryer can be a big disruption in your daily life, preventing you from undertaking any laundry task. It can even be potentially dangerous, as faulty wiring can create issues on your machine that can lead to situations such as a fire.

Whether your problem is related to the machine’s door or your washer dryer simply refuses to turn on, here’s how a rundown of the potential issues that have originated the problems


Top 5 Microwave Hacks to Make Cooking Easier

Cooking is a joy that many people share, but it can be a long process and you may not have the time for all of the delicacies that certain recipes require. Kitchen hacks, then, are very important to ensure that you use your time in the kitchen as efficiently as possible. Your appliances can go a long way to helping you do this, especially an appliance such as your microwave.


Most Common Oven Issues

Cooking is a fun past time as well as a necessity of life, however, the fun can be drained from it if your equipment isn’t quite up to scratch. An oven that doesn’t work, for example, can make your food preparation next to impossible. Microwave meals just aren’t the same, after all. There are a lot of ways that your oven can break down and many more ways that you might be able to fix them.


Repair Now, Rest Later

Do you have an appliance that has started to make strange noises or doesn’t work as well as it used to? It’s often easy to turn a blind eye when appliances go wrong, but leaving problems to rumble on isn’t advisable. Here’s why it’s always better to repair now, for peace of mind later on.


How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Appliances

If you have any stainless steel appliances in your home, you know they look great no matter where they are – or what they are, be it microwaves or built-in ovens, for instance. However, stainless steel might show water marks or fingerprints over time, which can detract from the pristine gleam of your kitchen. (more…)

Maintaining Your Oven

The oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances and making sure it is fully functional at all times has to be a priority, because if the oven goes (that might also include the stove on top), then microwave meals are in order – and we all know what we’d prefer to eat!

There are some simple maintenance checks that can be done to make sure your oven is working properly, and ensure you can have a better cooking experience.