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At Appliance Search we want our customers to be happy with their product choice and to have made an informed decision before purchase. Therefore we have provided the following buying guides. Each of the sections below will give you a greater understanding of your chosen product. We hope you find them useful.


Washing Machine – Freestanding
Where the appliance is fitted between the cupboard or left freestanding.

Washing Machine – Integrated
An integrated washing machine fits under the worktop. It is built into your kitchen furniture and hidden by a furniture door.

Washer Dryers
Ideal for the smaller kitchen as these appliances act as a washing machine and a condenser tumble dryer meaning it requires moisture to be pumped away or collected in a reservoir. They can be integrated or freestanding.

Tumble Dryers
A tumble dryer either comes in condenser meaning moisture needs to be pumped away or collected in a reservoir, or as vented meaning you need to fit it near to an outside wall.They can be integrated or freestanding.


Fully Integrated                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The dishwasher is totally covered with full height cabinet door and the controls are on the inside top edge.

Semi Integrated
This dishwasher takes a drawer line door and the control panel can be seen at the top front of the furniture door.


These are built into a tall cabinet in your kitchen furniture.

These just simply slot into a gap and don’t have any cabinet frame surrounding them. The door then hangs on the fridge.

Single Oven:
A single oven has one cooking cavity, which usually includes oven & grill; these can be built into the kitchen furniture at eye-level or under the worktop.


Double Oven:
A double oven has two cavities and can be built into the kitchen furniture at eye-level or under the worktop.

Fan Oven:
A fan oven circulates the hot air all around the oven, therefore cooking time is reduced and the food is cooked evenly.

Conventional Oven:
A conventional oven is hotter at the top than at the bottom, so you can use the top for food which can be cooked quickly and the bottom for food which needs to be cooked more slowly.

Multifunction Oven:
A multifunction oven has the option of fan or conventional cooking, grilling or fan grilling and gives you more versatile cooking options.

Built-in Oven:
A built-in oven means that it is built into your kitchen furniture at eye-level for your convenience.

Built-Under oven:
A built-under oven means that it is built under your worktop so that you can have the hob inserted above saving space.


Induction Hob:
An Induction hob uses a strong electro magnetic (induction coil) which is positioned below the ceramic cooking zones. This transfers the heat to the pan and not to the hob which will remain semi warm.

Ceramic Hob:
A ceramic hob uses radiant heat from under the glass of the hob.

Halogen Hob:
A halogen hob uses light sourced heat and is backed up with radiant heat.

Cooker Hoods

Cooker Hoods:
Cooker hoods extract smells and fumes out of the kitchen area using ducting, if ducting is not possible then it can be recirculated using filters.

A chimney hood is fitted as a visible feature and adds character to any kitchen.

A canopy hood is placed into an artificial chimney of any style.

An integrated cooker hood is built into your kitchen furniture and is covered by a cupboard door which generally will match you kitchen.

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