Belling Appliances Direct from Walworth Appliance Centre

Belling appliances are the true definition of quality at affordable prices. Belling have been delivering intelligent and innovative appliances to domestic kitchens across the country for more than one hundred years and remain one of the most popular and beloved brands to this day. Belling appliances stay ahead of the market by including the latest innovate technology to meet your needs of quality and reliability in the kitchen.

Part of the reason why Belling appliancesare still top-of-the-list for many homeowners across the UK is that they offer a range of appliances suited for any kitchen, no matter the décor of the space or your lifestyle. When you purchase Belling’s kitchen appliances, you know you’re buying high-quality products made in Britain.

Belling Appliances for Your Kitchen

Belling believe in continuous innovation, and in bringing you the best customer service. For these reasons, they are always pushing boundaries and seeking to create increasingly sophisticated appliances for your kitchen.

We stock larger kitchen appliances, such as professional range cookers, electric ovens and double ovens, as well as smaller, but essential appliances, like microwaves and extractor hoods. You can choose from a great variety of free-standing or built-in machines and most of Belling’s kitchen appliances also come with the highest possible energy rating, perfect for the eco-friendly home that wishes to cut down the bills at the end of the month.

Belling specialise in quality, dependable appliances with a long lifespan, assuring you can cook your Sunday roast and entertain guests without worrying about a thing. Suitable for both small and busy kitchens, Belling’s appliances are also well-known for their gorgeous styles. You can find several different colours at Walworth Appliances, as exemplified by their beautiful red and cream hues, and a variety of finishes, such as stainless steel. Belling appliances are designed to reflect varied tastes; they look just as at home in a traditional or rustic kitchen as they do on a contemporary space.

Learn More About Our Belling Appliances

The Walworth Appliances team have many years of experience providing the best domestic appliances, so talk to us if you wish to learn more about our range of Belling appliances for your kitchen, as well as about any other brand we stock. Call us on 01264 367 708, email us at or get in touch today.