Top Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers are one of the most desirable white goods, saving you time and effort. Choose an A rated appliance and you’re even helping to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your water and energy use. But if you want to avoid needing our Dishwasher Repair Service, here are our top tips for cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher to keep it in box fresh condition.

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Dishwashers VS Hand-Washing: Which is Better?

When it comes to clearing up after meal times or tidying away after cooking, do you opt for the technologically advanced dishwasher or the more traditional hand-washing method? Have you ever thought about which method is more environmentally friendly, or which one saves you the most money? How often you do the dishes, your model of dishwasher, and how you heat the water in your home can all alter the impact of your washing methods on your energy bill.

Here we provide some help for you to understand the greenest and most efficient way to do your dishes:

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Electric and Gas Cookers: Which One Suits You Best?

When it comes to designing your perfect kitchen, every detail matters. A good starting point for kitchen appliances is choosing a cooker. The perfect cooker for you is one that suits your personal cooking preferences, experience, familiarity, and one that will ultimately stand the test of time.

So, gas VS electric, which cooker is right for you?

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Summer Fridge Failure: 5 Things You Can Do

Summer is a wonderful time for food, fun and frolicking in the sun. When the sun has got his hat on, your fridge and its cooling power can be a saviour! If your fridge breaks down in this time, it not only causes some bad smells, gone off food, and a puddle of water, but – no doubt – you being stressed out!

But don’t panic, because we have a small guide on how you can get through the process, while you wait for a repairman to save the day!

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Top 4 Kitchen Secrets

The kitchen is a hallowed hall of beautiful smells and even better tastes (depending on your skill level, of course). Knowing a few tricks and tips to take your cooking to the next level is the best way for you to further your mastery of the culinary arts. Surprisingly, the simpler tips and tricks that you know the better this mastery may be.

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Washer Dryer Issues And How To Diagnose Them

A small issue with your washer dryer can be a big disruption in your daily life, preventing you from undertaking any laundry task. It can even be potentially dangerous, as faulty wiring can create issues on your machine that can lead to situations such as a fire.

Whether your problem is related to the machine’s door or your washer dryer simply refuses to turn on, here’s how a rundown of the potential issues that have originated the problems.

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Top 5 Microwave Hacks to Make Cooking Easier

Cooking is a joy that many people share, but it can be a long process and you may not have the time for all of the delicacies that certain recipes require. Kitchen hacks, then, are very important to ensure that you use your time in the kitchen as efficiently as possible. Your appliances can go a long way to helping you do this, especially an appliance such as your microwave.

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Most Common Oven Issues

Cooking is a fun past time as well as a necessity of life, however, the fun can be drained from it if your equipment isn’t quite up to scratch. An oven that doesn’t work, for example, can make your food preparation next to impossible. Microwave meals just aren’t the same, after all. There are a lot of ways that your oven can break down and many more ways that you might be able to fix them.

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