How to Get the Best Results from Your Washing Machine

Are you washing your clothes properly? Most of us think that we do but the fact of the matter is we probably aren’t. Here at Walworth Appliances, we have a wealth of experience in the supply of washing machines and have acquired various industry tips. In this blog we will look into how to get the best results when you wash your clothes.

You may be saving money on your bills by washing your clothes in cold water but if you wash all your clothes at this temperature their cleanliness will suffer. Hot water is the best choice when you wash white clothes, as it will get rid of the majority of the dirt. It is also good practice to use hot water on your bed sheets and pillow case as these can collect a considerable amount of germs.

If you have clothes that are susceptible to fading then you should consider lowering the temperature and use warm water. This temperature not only reduces fading and wrinkling, it also gets dirty clothes clean in an effective manner.

You can use cold water on some of your clothing; in fact it is advisable to use cold water for dark and bright coloured clothes as it fades your clothes less. In addition to this use cold water to remove blood stains, white wine and coffee because warm water often causes these stains to set.

Sports clothes, after a hectic session at the gym or a good hour of football, can be difficult to get completely clean; in particular the odour can remain if they aren’t washed properly. To avoid any long lasting odours wash them immediately after your work out. If you have to wash your clothes later, don’t put into a hamper because they will harbour mildew spores. Hang them up to dry.

You will also need a quality washing machine to get the best results possible. At Walworth Appliances, we understand that you won’t want to pay over the odds for quality, which is why we can provide you with cheap washing machines in Hampshire that won’t let you down. Call us on 0844 406 8877 or contact us to find out more information.