Little April showers; the art of drying your clothes in spring


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything” – William Shakespeare


Spring has finally arrived and the sun is finally beginning to pop out from behind the clouds with a more pleasing regularity. The flowers are beginning to bloom and it is high time that the nations washing lines began to fill up. There is nothing quite like washing dried on the line, the crispness, the outdoors smell it all works together to give a truly lovely feeling. The problem comes though with the reality of spring, which is a cruel, fickle season that likes nothing more than to let your washing get all but dry and then to summon up a timely downpour. These downpours are the washing lines natural worst enemy and can undo an entire day’s work.

There is a silver lining to every spring cloud though and it is still possible to get through huge amounts of washing without having to rely on the intermittent weather patterns. Here at Walworth Appliances we stock a huge range of tumble dryers in Hampshire as well as a range of other high quality appliances. Adding a tumble dryer to your appliance repertoire can make it far easier to take care of your laundry quickly but it can be hard to choose the right dryer. Thankfully there is a dryer to suit every household, but the one key choice that often catches buyers out is whether to choose a condenser dryer or a standard vented dryer.

Condenser dryer

A condenser dryer, as the name suggests condenses the liquid from your washing and collects it in a removable container which needs regular emptying. This collection rather than venting of steam makes them perfect for properties where a vent cannot be attached as they do not lead to damp collecting in your home.

Vented dryer

Again the key is in the name with this one and as you have probably already guessed these dryers vent the steam from your washing directly into the atmosphere. If this is done in a contained space then this steam can quickly lead to damp, if properly ventilated though the steam is allowed to escape rather than build up.

The preconception of dryers is that they are there to replace your washing lines all together but this is simply not true and one of the greatest joys of them is when they are used to supplement line drying. With an average spring temperature of around 6 degrees with all the best will in the world it can take an age and even by the end of the day those thicker items may not be completely dry. Having a dryer on hand can allow you to finish them off in the machine and still get that line dried feel and smell.


So if you love that line dried feel and think that tumble dryers are the devil then it may be high time to change your mind and pack up at least one of the whirligigs. If you have any questions about exactly what dryer or other appliance is right for you then feel free to contact us today and our experienced staff will be happy to help.