Keeping Your Utility Room Stylish

The kitchen is the heart of the home and only the bedroom tops it for time spent in it, with this in mind we focus a lot of attention on making our kitchens look and feel good. There are literally thousands of ways in which you can decorate your kitchen and there are some truly amazing colour schemes and patterns to choose from. Whether you go for bright and breezy, deep and dark or the classic clean white colour palette there are some amazing units and appliances that will compliment your colour scheme.

One room that is all too often left out of the interior design plan is the utility room and it can become a real eyesore. Imagine if you will that you host a garden party, even though people will marvel at your beautiful kitchen and garden, they will generally have to trudge through a boring and characterless utility room in order to get between.

‘But people don’t notice that do they?’ well the simple answer is that people notice everything, and more importantly, you will start to notice it. The simplest way to solve this is to make your utility room part of your interior design and continue the style from your kitchen through into this handy room. This not only makes sure that your utility room is not an eyesore but it also ensures that your house has a pleasing linearity in its style.

Once you have given it a fresh lick of paint and made sure that all those loose wires and dodgy skirting boards have been taken care of then you are going to want to address the issue of that battered and shabby washer and dryer. One option is to rig up some sort of cover that conceals them but this is simply making them harder to get to which is a sure path to frustration.
The best way to match them into your overall design scheme is to buy new ones that match into your colour scheme. Our range of washers and cheap tumble dryers in Hampshire is sure to have plenty of options that tick all the boxes for style, efficiency and price. We also have a range of colours and styles of appliance available so whatever your colour scheme you will easily find something that matches perfectly.

If you need any further help on finding the right appliance for you or want to know more about how to order then do not hesitate to contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to help.