7 Ways to Add Personality to Your Laundry or Utility Room!

If you are lucky enough to have a separate laundry or utility room, which houses your domestic appliances, there are many ways to accessorise! Read on for some ideas which are both practical and appealing…

1.       Create a sock claim area

For all those socks that end up separated, create a sock claim area. Kind of like a dating website for all those items that are clean, single, looking for a sole mate…

Get a wire coat hanger, and some cute clothes pegs and hang any odd socks up!

2.       Get a sweet sign

A chic little sign, such as this one from Dotty Home Gifts and Interiors (eBay), will add a cute and kitschy feel to your utility room.

3.       Consider a  wall decal

If you have plenty of wall space in your laundry room, why not add a unique wall decal, such as this one from AutoDecal2013 (eBay).

4.       Start a spare change collection

Keep a jar near your washing machine for the contents of your un-emptied pockets. Decorate the jar by painting the inside of it with a left over paint tester, and keep it as a tip jar for mum/dad/whoever is doing the laundry!


5.       Create door storage

Save space by storing detergents in a rack on the wall or door. You could use a shower caddy or a spice rack.


6.       Hang your ironing board on hooks

For a neat, stylish way to store your ironing board, create a special hook. Mount a picture frame and hang two coat hooks to the inside of the frame. Paint the creation for added zest, and hang up your ironing board. This is both visually appealing and practical!


7.       Stylish instruction manual

Combine practicality with decoration and invest in this stylish instruction manual from Lettered&Lined (Etsy.com). Not only does this vintage inspired sign look good, but it’s useful for younger people and students, who may not be so familiar with the correct laundry procedures!


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