How To: Clean Your Tumble Dryer

It’s important to treat your tumble dryer to a little extra care and attention every now and again, to make sure it keeps working in tip top condition. This is particularly important during the winter months when your dryer is typically in heavy use. So here in the latest instalment in our series of “how to guides”, we take a look at some handy hints and tips for cleaning your tumble dryer.

Lint Filters

It’s important to clean the lint filter of your tumble dryer after every use. The lint filter is the part of your tumble dryer that catches all the fluff from you laundry. Cleaning this will help ensure your dryer keeps running at peak efficiency.

Make sure your dryer is switched off, and has had chance to cool down, before attempting to remove the filter. There should be instructions in your tumble dryer’s manual, advising you on how to do this. Once you’ve removed the filter, get rid of any fluff, wipe with a damp cloth, and leave to dry before refitting.


Some tumble dryers are fitted with a sensor that can detect how wet your washing is, and will automatically stop when your washing is dry. If your tumble dryer has a sensor, it’s important to clean this regularly too. This can be done by simply wiping the drum of you dryer with a little white vinegar. If you do this every few months or so, this should help ensure the sensor keeps working at its best.

Heat Exchanger

Condenser dryers are fitted with a vital piece of equipment, known as a heat exchanger. It’s important to clean this crucial part of your dryer regularly too, as overtime this can become clogged up with fluff from your clothes. If this occurs, your tumble dryer will no longer work as efficiently and its energy consumption will increase notably. Hence, it’s important to clean this regularly, this can be achieved by simply running it under a tap to wash away any built up  dirt and grime.


Don’t forget about the outside of your dryer! Simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking good as new.

Hopefully this quick how-to guide will help you to get the best out of your tumble dryer. Here at Walworth Appliances we’re suppliers of a fantastic range of high-quality domestic appliances including tumble dryers in Andover. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, by giving us a call on 0844 4068877.