5 Things You Should Never Put In Your Tumble Dryer

People often take their tumble dryer for granted – throwing in everything and everything after they have been washed. Whilst dryers are good for pretty much most items, there are certain things that you should never put in them.

You should always read the care labels on items of clothing, as this will specifically state if it’s suitable to be put in your dryer. To avoid shrinking or destroying some of your favourite items, we advise you to memorise this list of items that are definitely not dryer friendly.

Clothes Dryer


Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that bras shouldn’t be put in tumble dryers. This is because it ruins the elastic and therefore distorts the shape. The material of bras is far too delicate to withstand a spin in the dryer – so keep them separate.


Despite being worn when the weather is hot, the elastic and lycra that is in many swimsuits is unable to survive the harsh temperatures of a tumble dryer. It causes it to become brittle which then breaks off – ruining your favourite swimming costume. Not only that, but it would also cause them to drastically fade.

One piece swimsuitEmbellished Clothes

You should avoid putting anything with embellishments into your dryer. Not only can it damage the item in question, it can also snag on other items in the dryer, causing un repairable damage. Whether its sequins or stones – hang dry them instead.


Tights are delicate so it’s not surprising that they are an item of clothing that shouldn’t be put near your tumble dryer. Apart from making frustrating holes, your dryer will also cause tights to shrink and get all tangled up – not fun!

Running Shoes

It can be tempting to throw your running shoes into the dryer so that you don’t have to wait for them to air dry – don’t do it! The heat will shrink the rubber and cushioning, leaving your shoes weak and useless. This isn’t good for those that you rely on for running – they need to be strong and sturdy.


We’re you guilty of committing any of these tumble dryer sins?

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