Could You Benefit from a Tumble Dryer?

Let’s face it, in the UK we aren’t known for our fabulous weather and summer time. And with our ultimately busy schedules, a family to look after, the tea to cook, the lawn to mow, the cat to feed, and so on, work can seem endless. So how can the humble tumble dryer take some of the stress out of this tiresome list?

tumble dryer in motion

1.       Health and Hygiene

Do you ever get to the stage where you have underwear on the staircase rail? Socks on the top of the TV? Or bed sheets hanging on doors? With a larger household, this can certainly be the case, and depending on how long you’ve put the washing off for, even for a single household this can be an issue. According to research, it can also pose a health risk, especially for those with allergies, asthma or even hay fever, as the drying clothes are raising the moisture levels in your home up a level. Not only this, but it can also lead to dust-mite growth, which no one really wants to roam around their home. Leaving your wet clothes out around the house is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming too.

2.       Whatever the Weather

As you probably already know from at least one wet walk to work this week, the weather in the UK isn’t particularly the best. We certainly can’t rely on the sun to come out when it’s the doomsday of washing and drying clothes, especially during Autumn and Winter (and most probably Spring and Summer too). When it’s pouring rain outside, all you want to do is cosy up on the sofa, watch a movie and grab a cuppa. It’s not so appealing when you have washing hung on every nook, hook and cranny. Plus, if you have a tumble dryer, the heat from it makes a rainy movie day much cosier.

rows of houses with washing lines strung out with clothes on them

3.       Quick!

If you have kids, no doubt there’s the impromptu needing of clean clothes for parties and outings which you get told about the last minute. If you need to dry something in a small amount of time and you don’t have a dryer, you’re not in for much luck. Even if you don’t have kids, off on a night out? Meal with the family? What if you want to wear that one top, but it’s wet? Again, if you are trusting the clothes maid and the air to do its drying quickly, it’s not going to happen.

If you need to dry any amount of clothes in minimal time, then a tumble dryer will be your best friend!

4.       Don’t Have a Garden?

For those living in an apartment block, city centre flat or any living space without outdoor space, doing the simple task of the laundry can become difficult. We would all love to have a garden and an outdoor space to kick back, relax, have a drink, BBQ, and hang our washing out (weather permitting) ─ but sometimes it’s just not possible. Unless you want to hang your clothes on curtain rails, doors and radiators in your home, then a tumble dryer could be a life saver!

wooden pegs on a washing line in someones garden

5.       Money, Money, Money

Some people resort to not investing in a tumble dryer and stick to the clothes maid next to the radiator all because they believe it will be too expensive. In fact, a heat pump tumble dryer can save you money and, with newer technology, the costs are always plummeting. On the other hand, if you choose the use your central heating instead, this is most likely much more expensive than putting your dryer on for half an hour. Plus, sometimes, people value their time much more than their money. The average load of tumble drying costs round 30pence per load. Compared to your gas bill, this probably doesn’t seem like too much, right?

tumble dryer from walworth appliances

If you are considering investing in a tumble dryer, Walworth Appliances is right behind you! You can browse our collection of dryers for sale online, or if you can’t find what you are looking for, simply get in touch. We would love to help. We also do tumble dryer repairs!