3 Space-Saving Tips for Your Small Commercial Kitchen

With a properly designed space, a commercial kitchen can improve the quality of productivity, meaning better service and efficiency. However, the size of your commercial kitchen space can make a significant difference to the workflow.

Making the most out of your space is key ensure you are organised, especially if the space available to you is smaller than desired.  With restaurant sites becoming increasingly difficult to find, and competition also increasing, many operators are forced to settle when it comes to venues, sometimes meaning they have to accept a smaller space, with a less practical layout.

commercial kitchen with dishes on the side and chefs working
If this applies to you, how exactly do you go about kitting out your small commercial kitchen space, but without compromising on kitchen appliances, equipment and overall, your quality of service?

  1. Consider Functionality

What small commercial kitchen appliances you will make the most use of will depend on the nature of your business. You may need more space surrounding certain appliances than others. For example, if you are a morning breakfast café you may have more orders for hot drinks. You could, therefore, benefit from a bigger capacity coffee maker or water urn, with more space around it.

Functionality is key, so be sure to ask yourself what your vision is. Do you need appliances and countertops to move around? Maybe you need more countertop space for food prep?

  1. Choose Multifunctionality

The setup of your kitchen is key if you are dealing with a small amount of space. Think about what you need to store and where you are going to store it. Equipment and dry storage shelves are certainly a must.

If you are short on storage space, consider plenty of organised and labelled shelving, and if possible, you could keep your smaller commercial kitchen appliances on them.

If space is extremely restricted it is most likely worth investing in multifunctional spaces and kit. Think about hobs which, when not in use, can also be used as a worktop, or even appliances such as a convection oven which can do more than one handy job.

The more function you can get out of one piece of equipment, the better. For example, rather than having a separate fridge and freezer, why not opt for a combined fridge-freezer? You could even have an under counter fridge/freezer to optimise space more.

busy chefs working in a commercial kitchen and preparing food

  1. Keep Your Space and Equipment Streamlined

While you might be tempted to stock your kitchen with top of the range gadgets and gizmos, this can be the biggest waste of space of all.

Keep to what kitchen appliances you are actually going to use, and if you aren’t fully sure, stick to the basics as these can always get the job done. Think about what is essential to run your day-to-day activities and what you could go without.

While streamlining your equipment and understanding multifunctionality can save you space, making use of the vertical space can help too. While you may feel restricted for floor space, you also have the wall space. Consider hooks and overhead storage, as these can be convenient for pots, pans and even racks of spices and such. Grid systems are super for this!

Empty walls carry a lot of potential in small kitchen spaces, so be sure to utilise them!

young chef using a commercial oven to prepare a stirfry
Here at Walworth Appliances, we believe that you should make the most out of your commercial kitchen space. If you are thinking about setting up a commercial kitchen or are in the process of doing so, you can find all the appliances you need on from us; from small commercial kitchen appliances to larger equipment such as commercial chest freezers and glasswashers.

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