Small Kitchen Appliances: Replace or Repair?

Small kitchen appliances have very important roles in the home, so it’s essential that they’re working smoothly at all times. Just imagine having to dash out in the morning without your usual cuppa because the kettle stopped working; boiling your water on the stove is not an option when you only have so much time to get ready before having to go out and face your day.

The same goes for any other small appliance – you want them to always be working properly, be it because you want to make dinner for the family or just open up a chilled bottle from the wine cooler after an exhausting day at work.

tools on white background to repair small kitchen appliances


Some of the most common issues that are worth fixing when it comes to microwaves include:

– The light stopped working when the doors open or when it’s cooking

– There’s an issue with the door switch

– The touchpad is not working – or not functioning as it should

However, if you find that your appliance has been making loud noises when cooking or that it takes a long time to heat your food (if it heats at all), you may want to consider replacing it.


A toaster is one of those appliances that is used pretty much every day – and by everyone! Having it break down on you can be a major inconvenience, so you should be aware of common issues that can be repaired – or whether the toaster is too far gone and should be replaced instead.

You may be able to repair your toaster if:

– There’s an issue with the latch

– The carriage doesn’t pop up

– The thermostat is faulty

Coffee Machine

How do you know it’s time to have your coffee machine repaired? You may want to consider whether it’s worth to repair or replace the appliance if the cost is big or if it’s impossible to get parts for the machine, for example. Some of the most common issues with coffee machines are:

– It stopped brewing coffee

– The water doesn’t get hot enough

– The power cord may not work anymore

– Valves and tubes can get clogged


Another essential appliance in your kitchen is the kettle. As a tea-loving nation, a kettle breaking down is a nightmare! If you get any of the following issues, you may want to consider whether it’s more cost-effective to buy a new kettle or to have it repaired:

– The power supply stops working

– The water doesn’t boil

– The kettle is leaking

So, Replace or Repair?

When an appliance breaks, what should you do? How do you know whether to replace or repair a much-needed appliance once it stops working as it should? It’s important that you know whether it’s worth repairing or replacing something in terms of cost, timing and efficiency so that you can make the best decision!

Some small appliances may be worth repairing, depending on the issue they’re presenting, while others should just be replaced.

After all, you should also look at the problem this way: work out the value of your appliance (how much it cost by how long you expect it to last) and, if it costs more to repair it, then perhaps replacing is the key.


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