Instances Where You DON’T Want Your Washing Machine to Break

There comes a time in the day or the week, or even in the month when you could think of a million other things you would rather happen than your washing machine break. Whether your kids have just come back from a messy day out or there’s been a huge orange juice spillage, it’s just a burden that you really don’t want. However, you aren’t alone – these things happen more often than you think, and it happens to everyone! Let’s thank the stars for domestic appliance repairs!

There are just sometimes where you couldn’t think of anything worse than your beloved washing machine breaking. And it always happens when you have a pile of washing.

Here we take a look at some of the you-wouldn’t-believe- it moments when it comes to washing machines breaking. It may also be a lesson for some… Have you experienced any of these?

Opening washing machine door to insert a load

Where My Keys? Where My Phone?

We’ve all that moment of despair when you go to get your phone from your pocket and it isn’t there. Then you suddenly hear a rumbling in the washing machine. *Palm to face*

Imagine if the door broke at this very instant – You can’t pause the washer, open the door or drain the water. Will a bowl of rice save your phone now?

The same goes for your keys. You definitely wouldn’t want to be locked in the house when you have a broken washing machine.

instagram post of a washing machine fail

Trying to Impress Mum

We do not recommend putting anything but clothing, bedding, and the odd pair of shoes in the washing machine. While these machines are made to get through some tough times, they aren’t made for placemats. That’s right. Placemats.

We know you are trying to show mum you can do it – but she wouldn’t appreciate this! If you break it, you can’t master the art of the washing machine at all!

Do not try this at home! (or you will need domestic appliance repairs from Walworth)

Just Cleaned the Carpets

Just had your new laminate flooring mopped? Maybe you invested in one of those posh carpet cleaners to give the lounge a spring clean? If your washing machine has suddenly decided to gush its contents all through the doors, you will have anything but a squeaky clean carpet.

Wrong Setting – Wrong Time

Ever had an instance where you’ve put all your washing in the machine without even thinking? All the silks, all the cottons, and even all the placemats (please don’t) then the door locks. Panic strikes. You can’t get back in. Let’s just say your new silk blouse won’t look new anymore. You’ll have to find something else to wear to that event you have tonight. Next time, before attempting the big wash, have a coffee.

When You Need to Wash Your Brick

There are tonnes of videos on the internet showing you just what happens when you add a brick into your weekly wash. It’s not pretty to watch, but it is quite entertaining.

If your main goal is to need to buy a new washing machine, then you are heading in the right direction.

Got a brick wall which looks a bit dirty? You may be best off using the power washer. Just see for yourself.

After a Holiday

Been sunning it up for 2 weeks? A week all-inclusive maybe? You are probably used to being worry-free and having a sangria in your hand at all times. Not only do you now have a fabulous tan but a huge suitcase full of dirty clothes. To the washing machine you go!

Not if it’s broken you won’t. Is this not just the worst time for the washing machine to break? Back to reality, right?

The same goes for any break – perhaps the worst could be a camping trip or a weekend away at a festival? That dirt isn’t going to clean itself. And there’s probably quite a bit of dirt.

instagram post showing someone rolling in mud at a festival

A Big Event

Another tragic time for your washing machine to break would be if you have a big event coming up. Anything from a wedding to a weekend away, you will probably want all your favourite items clean and ready to be ironed and looking pristine. A trip to the laundrette with your laundry basket isn’t what you need right now.

instagram post of a broken washing machine with clothes and water everywhere

Just… Kids

There’s no good time for the washing machine to go, we know that. But if you are a mother or a father, it can be even more difficult to cope. Babies and kids produce a lot of mess. Spaghetti all down their jumper – or even other less appetising substances (you know what we mean mums). It happens.

Can you imagine this happening on a Sunday night when you go to wash the kid’s uniforms? Even the thought creates panic.

instagram post showing an empty laundry basket
Is the thought of these instances making you panic?

There’s no need to worry, if you find yourself in any of these situations, how ever bizarre, because Walworth Appliances can help.

Whatever repairs you need to your washing machine, (or whether you are just concerned from a strange noise coming from the machine) we will find the right solution for you! Our quick, efficient, and cost-effective washing machine repairs will save your clothes, wallet and sanity.

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