Top Oven Issues You Should Look Out For

Whether you’re cooking a dinner for the whole family or busy planning a home-cooked meal for the weekend, the last thing you need is oven issues.

Just like any other appliance that is used often, oven parts get worn out and may stop working over time, even if they’re the highest possible quality! Keeping an eye out for any potential problems is important, as it can help you to prevent serious issues from developing – and it can also help you to notice if your oven is on the brink or just needs to be repaired!

So, what are some of the most common oven issues you should be aware of?

you should look out for these oven issues

Oven Not Turning On

This is a problem that needs addressing as soon as it happens, as it makes it completely impossible for you to use your appliance! This can be due to a number of reasons, such as a blown fuse or a malfunctioning in the broil or bake circuits, for instance. Sometimes, you may be able to have this appliance repaired, other times it may be best to just replace it with another oven.

Oven Not Heating Up

An oven that doesn’t heat up is a big problem, and the reasons for this may depend on the type of appliance you have. Gas will vary from fan and electric, for example, meaning there can be several causes of this issue.

For example, a heating element may have stopped working properly in your electric oven or its temperature sensor may be malfunctioning. If you have a gas oven, perhaps the ignitor is out of commission.

A professional will be able to tell you why your specific oven has stopped heating up, so don’t hesitate to call in help if you need!

close up of oven

Oven Not Heating to Correct Temperature

If your oven is overheating or incapable of reaching the desired temperature, it may be due to issues like a faulty temperature sensor or a burn-out thermostat. You may set it to 180oC, for instance, and notice that the food is taking too long to cook; the opposite is true as well, as you may want to set it to a low temperature and find that the heat is too high.

If the temperature sensor is faulty, this may cause the appliance to stop heating correctly.

Oven Not Cooking Food Evenly

You may notice this problem when your food is not cooking evenly throughout – if you’re making a cake, for example, one side may become golden brown and crispy while the other side may remain undercooked, which is far from ideal.

This issue may occur if the heating elements and temperature sensor are malfunctioning; however, some ovens tend to cook differently, so it may also be a question of making sure the cookware is correct or the racks are positioned properly. Of course, this is not always the case so, if you feel like you’ve tried everything, and the appliance is still not cooking food evenly, it may be time to call in the pros!


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