Deal of the Month: Vestfrost 13.2CUFT Commercial Chest Freezer

If you’re looking for an easily accessible, spacious commercial chest freezer for your commercial kitchen, then look no further than this month’s amazing offer we have on the SZ362C Vestfrost 13.2 CUFT.

This great deal is not to be missed; this freezer has been marked down from £429 to an incredible £399. Just £399 for a fantastic chest freezer from Vestfrost, the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen. If you’re in the market for a new chest freezer take a look at all the benefits of the SZ362:


The most important thing you’ll want to consider is the size of the chest freezer and how much space it can give you. By choosing a roomy appliance that allows you to store everything you need, you’ll never have to worry about running out of available space.

The Vestfrost SZ362C is a spacious freezer with a practical interior. It is 13.2 cubic feet and includes stackable baskets for easy and efficient storage. Its dimensions are 85 x 126 x 65cm, making it perfect even for smaller kitchens.

Optimal Temperature

If your business requires frozen goods in your kitchen, then you know how important it is to keep them at an optimal temperature to prevent spoilage. The Vestfrost SZ362C is able to operate at -18c all the way down to -22c, making it ideal for a range of kitchens.

There is an LCD, clear angled digital thermometer for easy reading, so you can always be sure what temperature your freezer is set to. The SZ362C also includes a fast freeze option, a must-have feature for a commercial kitchen.

Easy to Maintain

Another great feature of the Vestfrost SZ362C is how easy it is to clean and maintain. The chest freezer has a hammered aluminium interior, making it very practical in a commercial kitchen due to its strength and durability. You can find a partition inside the freezer which doubles as a defrost water tray and drain hole.


Running your SZ362C doesn’t have to be expensive. The freezer is a low energy consumer, meaning that running it is very cost effective. Vestfrost freezers are renowned for their eco-friendly and energy-efficient products, you can be assured you are doing your part to protect the environment whilst also benefitting from the low operating costs.

Long Lifespan

Vestfrost products are not just quality equipment, they are also an investment for years. They are made to last, providing better value for money and providing a beneficial environmental impact by reducing the need of disposable goods.

The SZ362C includes three-year parts and labour warranty, so there’s no need to worry about your kitchen grinding to a halt should anything happen. For great quality commercial appliances in Andover and Hampshire, order from Walworth Appliances today. You can return items within the first 14 days, and if you find a better price anywhere, contact us on 01264 367 708.