Hisense: Brand of the Month

Hisense appliances are some of the most popular on the market; they’re reliable, modern and well-suited for any domestic setting. With a mission to “make life simpler, better, and more entertaining,” the company endeavour to make their state-of-the-art technology available to everyone through products that have been carefully designed with the user in mind.

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What is Hisense?

Founded in September of 1969, Hisense have been pushing the boundaries of innovation, always seeking to create increasingly better products. Hisense have their headquarters in Qingdao, in the Shandong province of China, and have become the number one TV brand in China, Australia and South Africa. They employ more than 75,000 people across 18 companies throughout the world.

Their growth over the years has been nothing short of amazing, going from a small company that had only produced 81 televisions by 1971 to a brand that sponsored events like the 2018 World Cup and has more than forty subsidiaries.

But the Chinese company doesn’t supply just televisions; they’re experts in appliances that range from domestic refrigerators to domestic washing machines. With cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality, Hisense have ensured all of their products are of the highest standards, designed for the contemporary lifestyle.

Benefits of Choosing Hisense for Your Home

But why exactly should you choose to equip your home with Hisense appliances? Here are some of the advantages that make the brand sought-after by many around the world:

Modern Design

If you’re looking to purchase an appliance for your home, you’re probably going to take its aesthetics into consideration. Hisense understand this, which is why the brand invests in product design, ensuring their appliances fit into a contemporary kitchen or laundry room. Many of their appliances have a stainless steel or metallic finish, giving them a sleek, polished and clean appearance – this also makes them very easy to clean and maintain, which is certainly a big advantage for the busy homeowner.

Energy Efficiency

Having appliances that are energy-efficient is not just good for your wallet, but also for the environment. Hisense creates products that are technologically innovative and eco-friendly at the same time, such as their appliances which feature LED lighting on the inside to help reduce energy consumption – and to help you find your midnight snack a lot more easily. Most of their products have an energy efficiency rating of A+ as well.

The brand’s determination to be an environmentally conscious company can also be heard in the noise output (or lack thereof) of their appliances; the brand’s fridges have been manufactured to be as quiet as possible, so you won’t even notice they’re there.

Eco Friendly


Hisense appliances also have a long lifespan, as they’re built to last. Because they’re durable and sturdy, you get a great return on investment, so you don’t have to replace them for a very long time. Hisense is contributing to a reduced carbon footprint with the longevity of their appliances, given that there’s less need to dispose of them.

Easy to Move Around

Another great thing about Hisense is that most of their products have adjustable feet, allowing you to move them around to your heart’s content. Having the kitchen layout of your dreams won’t be as hard as you think if you opt for Hisense.

Fitted with the Latest Technology

From a water dispenser and child’s lock to holiday mode and super freeze capabilities, Hisense appliances are well-known for their state-of-the-art technology. Part of the brand’s mission is to continuously innovate, bringing increasingly better products to the homeowner, which has driven them to create stylish ranges at affordable prices, all fitted with the latest features on the market.

Hisense at Walworth Appliances

We’re proud to stock this fantastic brand here at Walworth Appliances. Hisense is synonymous with quality, so you know you’re getting the best in domestic appliances by choosing this brand.

Some of our most popular Hisense appliances include:

Hisense RB335N4WB1 Frost Free Fridge Freezer 185cm High Black – The Total No-Frost technology in this appliance means cold air is circulated evenly throughout it to prevent the formation of ice crystals, so you won’t have to defrost it. You also get easy control of the temperature with just the touch of a button, plenty of shelf and drawer space, plus brighter and more efficient LED lighting.

The width and height of the appliance make it ideal for kitchens with limited space, as well.

Hisense Undercounter

Hisense WFEA6010 Washing Machine 6Kg Load 1000 Spin White – Hisense doesn’t just specialise in fridges; their washing machines are just as high-quality and high-tech as their refrigeration products, and this appliance is no exception. It comes with a faster maximum spin when compared to other models, which removes more water from the wash to reduce your clothes’ drying time, as well as a child lock feature that means the machine won’t be accessible to little ones. This Hisense appliance is great for removing even the hardest of stains, but is gentle enough to wash your most delicate fabrics.

Hisense Washing Machine


Hisense is a fantastic brand that offers many advantages to any homeowner. With the latest in appliance technology and beautiful aesthetics, Hisense is, without a doubt, a superb brand to install in your kitchen. And when you buy a Hisense domestic appliance in Andover or Hampshire from us, you’ll also get FREE delivery to any ground floor location, plus a 14-day returns policy.