Neff: Brand of the Month

At Walworth Appliances, we stock a wide range of some of the most popular and world-renowned appliance brands available. This month, we’re putting the spotlight on the Neff brand. This German brand is best known for its highly intuitive and innovative operation, and its appliances are recognised with industry awards for its unique blend of design and functionality.

Since 1877, Neff have been on a mission to develop ideas that are exactly what cooking enthusiasts are looking for. They aim to create innovative appliances that make cooking simpler, more convenient and more delicious than ever before.

We’re proud to stock this truly innovative brand of appliances. So, what exactly is it about Neff that makes them so sought after by cooking enthusiasts?

What is Neff?

Carl Neff made his first oven all the way back in 1877. In a small town in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg province, Carl Neff and a team of just six had moved in and set up the first Neff workshop. None of them knew that what was taking place in that tiny cottage would one day take over Europe.

Before turning his talent to the world of ovens, Carl Neff started as a locksmith. At the first factory, the very first Neff models, which were coal burning stoves, were built to be simple to use, a quality that you will still find in Neff appliances today. In 1919, Neff perfected a new gas-fired oven to replace coal stoves. Following the war in 1949, Neff brought out a new oven designed to make cooking significantly easier; it had two separately-controlled heating compartments so different that dishes could be cooked at the same time at different rates.

Throughout the last few decades, Neff carried on improving their appliances and bringing out more and more models with new and better features. The 70s saw the new Neff Domino modular cooker that provided the choice of different elements – gas, electric, fryer and grill – and, moving into the 21st century, Neff continues to search for even more delicious ways to cook.

Benefits of Choosing Neff

So, what is it about Neff that makes it such a popular choice for appliances? Just how innovative are these appliances when it comes to cooking? Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing Neff appliances for your kitchen:

Innovative Technology

Neff strives to make the cooking process simple and easy by implementing incredibly innovative technology into their appliances. Take for example, the Slide&Hide. This feature is included in many Neff ovens and it is an oven door that slides away under the oven cavity. It provides easier access to the oven; the door simply slides underneath and you can then tend to the dishes without having to navigate around an oven door that is hanging open.

There is also the Nefflight, a light that illuminates inside the oven to allow you to look right into the far corners. Special prisms evenly distribute the glare-free LED light from both sides of the door. With all shelves illuminated from all angles, there’s no need to even open the door, so you can keep an eye on your cooking through the door without needing to let out the warm air.

Neff ovens can also include CircoTherm, a high-speed targeted airflow that ensures that smells/ flavours stay separate. So, if you’re baking a casserole and a chocolate cheesecake at the same time, the dishes will have no intermingling of flavours, allowing you to cook much more efficiently. For those looking to improve the nutrition of their cooking, Neff also offers a range of steam ovens.

Whatever your cooking requires, Neff will have an oven appliance perfect for the job. They give dishes the desired amount of moisture at different intensity levels, for baking, roasting or even just heating up leftovers.

Intuitive Design

With such innovative features included in Neff appliances, you might think that they would be complicated to operate, but this could not be further from the truth. Part of what makes the range of Neff appliances so convenient and easy to use is the intuitive design that allows even the least tech-savvy person to operate them. With ovens that utilise touch screen technology so you can swipe and touch to select the perfect cooking setting, a TwistPad Fire hob control for activating the cooking zones of flex induction hobs, and a touch interface on the dishwashers, these intuitive design aspects are all part of what makes Neff appliances so great and convenient to use.

Energy Efficient

Neff appliances are good for the environment and your wallet, too. Their fully integrated dishwashers will not only take care of the most stubborn stains and ensure your most delicate glassware is safe, but they come with A+++ energy efficiency rating as well. Their programmes are both highly efficient and energy-saving and will get the job done in an environmentally sound manner.

Neff at Walworth Appliances

At Walworth Appliances, we stock only the best in kitchen appliances, which is why we offer a wide range of Neff appliances. Here are some popular models from Neff:

NEFF B47CS34N0B Slide & Hide Single Built-In Oven S/Steel – This built-in oven comes with the Slide&Share feature, providing unrestricted access to the oven interior. With an energy rating of A, this oven has a colour and graphics display with ShiftControl and 13 different heating methods for complete versatility whilst cooking. It includes a child lock for safety purposes and comes in a gorgeous stainless steel that will blend seamlessly into the décor of any kitchen.

NEFF H53W50N3GB Built-In Microwave Oven Stainless Steel – This built-in microwave from Neff has seven different programmes and includes a 24-hour LED clock, interior lighting, stainless steel interior and five power levels. With simple operating electronic push-button controls, navigating the use of this microwave couldn’t be easier.

NEFF N17HH20N0B Warming Drawer 29CM High Stainless Steel – This warming drawer is the perfect addition for a coordinated kitchen look. With both food warming and food defrosting settings, cookware and utensil warming, this drawer can accommodate up to 40 plates or 192 espresso cups. It has four temperature control levels, is easy to clean and has a cool door so you won’t burn yourself when using it.

Neff is a truly innovative brand that offers so much for those who look to rustle up a meal. If you’re looking for commercial appliances in Andover or commercial appliances in Hampshire, contact us today.