Indesit: Brand of the Month

World-famous Italian brand Indesit is a leading manufacturer and distributor of major domestic appliances, from washing machines and dryers to fridges and cookers. Indesit understand that ‘life is a journey, full of ups and downs’, so they’ve designed domestic appliances meant to make life easier; the features in these appliances will save you time, money and effort, allowing homeowners across the country to enjoy life and spend time with their loved ones.

The brand focuses on offering simple, yet efficient, solutions for the home, be it the kitchen or the laundry room, and always with the highest of standards in mind.

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What is Indesit?

Founded in 1975 by Vittorio Merloni, Indesit has become one of the world’s most popular domestic appliance brands. Today, the Indesit Group has three main brands: Indesit, Hotpoint and Scholtès. Originally named Merloni Elettrodomestici SpA and renamed Indesit Company S.p.A in 2005, Indesit has truly revolutionised the appliances market and became a giant in the industry. In 1986, after a period of growth, the Merloni family decided to enter the stock market. By 1988, they already had a turnover of 1.059 billion dollars and had become the largest European manufacturer of home appliances.

Indesit strive to improve daily life by making chores simpler, easier and less time-consuming. Their everyday solutions are perfect for both large and small households, for those who are more environmentally minded, and for those seeking to cut down the electric bills at the end of the month.

Benefits of Choosing Indesit

The Italian company has been part of everyday life in the UK for many years. But what exactly makes them so sought-after? What is so special about Indesit appliances and the features they offer? Have a look at how you can benefit from Indesit in your home:

Simple, But Powerful

One of the things that set Indesit apart from their competitors is the fact that they manufacture domestic appliances with simplicity in mind – why overcomplicate things when a simple button can take care of it all? But don’t be fooled by this simplicity. Indesit doesn’t compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal; if you don’t want to waste time fiddling around with a myriad of programmes and functionalities and just want to be able to press a button to see results, then Indesit may be the best brand for you. Hassle-free, these machines will allow you to minimise your efforts and spend your time elsewhere.


Indesit also strives to design and produce energy-saving appliances for your home. Not only are these appliances easy to use and cost-efficient, allowing you to save money on bills, but they also allow you to help the environment at the same time. So, with ratings such as A+ and above, these home appliances are designed to perform optimally while reducing your carbon footprint simultaneously.

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Variety of Appliance Size

Indesit have been providing appliance solutions for all types of homes for many years. Whether you live in a flat or small home and struggle with space or have a very large family and need the appliances to meet your home life needs, the Italian company knows exactly how to help. Just because you have little space available, it doesn’t mean you have to be limited when it comes to your options, for example. From 60 cm-wide cookers to large, freestanding washing machines, the sheer number of options at your disposal is part of what makes Indesit so great.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Creating appliances that are highly functional are a must for brands like Indesit – and being able to create gorgeous aesthetics while maintaining this functionality is absolutely crucial too. Indesit is well known for manufacturing stylish home appliances for many settings; their designs are well suited for a variety of décors as well, from a more traditional space to a contemporary kitchen, for instance. Streamline your home life with appliances that add a modern touch no matter what or where they are. In addition, Indesit appliances can also blend in seamlessly with their surroundings whilst always being there when you need them to be.

Indesit at Walworth Appliances

You can trust that Walworth Appliances only offer the best Indesit appliances in the market, such as:

Indesit Vented Reverse Action Tumble Dryer 7Kg Load White – With a beautiful white finish, this freestanding tumble dryer is perfect for all households. Simple, easy to use and modest in size, you will be able to benefit from a spacious 7kg drum capacity when you purchase this appliance. The air-vented technology offers efficient energy consumption as well.

Indesit 8+6Kg Silver Washer Dryer – Offering an 8kg washing machine and a 6kg dryer all in one, this washer dryer is suitable for people with limited space that still want to enjoy a large drum capacity. The rapid washing and drying cycles will save you time in your daily life; these quick cycles are also great for small loads when you’re in a rush.

Indesit Gas Twin Cavity 50cm Wide White – This stove comes with four gas burners with easy clean hob; the width of this appliance is also ideal for small homes, as it can fit in any space. Despite the fact that this is a relatively small appliance, you can still enjoy a wide range of features, including flame supervision device, clean enamel interior and grill pan and handle.

Whether you’re looking for domestic appliances in Andover or domestic appliances in Hampshire, you can find excellence at Walworth Appliances. We only bring you the best of the best, so you can be confident that you’re getting the right appliance for you.