Belling: Brand of the Month

For over a century, Belling has delivered on clever and innovative ideas; throughout those years, Belling has been at the heart of homes in the UK. They are one of the most beloved and trusted British appliance brands with four generations of families growing up with a Belling appliance in their home.

With a diverse range of quality products available at Walworth Appliances, we have plenty of Belling appliances for you and your lifestyle, and they’re all manufactured right here in the UK.

Belling GT756 Gas Double Oven

Image: Belling GT756 Gas Double Oven


What is Belling?

Belling started in 1912 when Charles Reginald Belling began manufacturing electric heaters. He revolutionised the electric fire design with the creation of the Firebar, and he began supporting the war effort by producing heating equipment for submarines.

The brand grew and launched its first complete domestic cooker in 1919. In 1931, Belling launched the first 100% enamelled cooker onto the market and unveiled the new and improved No.40 Baby Belling Cooker. They also became the first manufacturer to introduce glass doors to its ovens.

Belling briefly abandoned cooker production to help with the Second World War, producing rifle grenades, incendiary bomb snuffers and multiple rocket guns. When they returned to work, they expanded operations and, by the 1960s, Belling was producing one heater or cooker every six seconds. In the 1980s, they were the first UK manufacturer to produce the slot-in cooker, which fit flush with kitchen cupboards.

In 1992, Belling was purchased by Glen Dimplex Group, a worldwide manufacturer of heating and domestic appliances. However, Belling was committed to returning production of its cooking applications to the UK and launched some induction UK and world firsts.

As Belling continues to grow, their product range has expanded into laundry care and dishwashing.

Benefits of Choosing Belling

So, what is it about Belling that makes it one of the UK’s favourite brands of domestic appliances?

Energy Efficiency

Belling includes environmental responsibility as part of their ethos, aiming to create energy-efficient products and reduce waste production into every stage of their manufacturing process. They want to ensure that sustainability is not just about ensuring that their manufacturing units and transport operations are energy efficient, but that they’re also able to offer energy-efficient products to their customers.

icon of house energy efficiency rating with green background
Over the years, Belling has developed an increasingly wide range of energy-efficient products, including A+ rated domestic refrigerators. This type of product can reduce energy consumption by up to 25% over its lifetime, helping households reduce both their costs in electricity bills and their carbon emissions.

Belling also works with their suppliers to limit the impact of transport by reducing reliance on air freight and by using mixed freight containers to maximise distribution efficiency. Belling is a brand that truly cares about their environmental impact and are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint, making them an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious.


Belling is at the forefront of innovative products, having introduced some UK firsts into the world of domestic appliances since their inception. They push boundaries when it comes to innovation, introducing a range of features to their products that are designed to improve the user experience.

Their innovation also links back into Belling’s desire to create a more sustainable business. They are consistently modifying and modernising their products to improve sustainability. Their intricate designs seek to reduce their environmental impact at all stages of the product life cycle. For example, they try to reduce welded and glue content in the cooking products to increase opportunities to disassembly and re-use without having to use thermal treatments on metal parts to remove adhesives. Their designs are focused on improving their products’ recyclability, in addition to modifying them so they can benefit from technology improvements like electronic control.

Belling at Walworth Appliances

At Walworth Appliances, we stock a range of Belling products, such as:

Belling BI70FO-STA Built-Under Double Over Stainless Steel – This double fan electric oven ensures you can unleash your inner chef and get creative with cooking. This 50-litre oven can easily handle that Sunday roast, with fans designed to provide an even temperature for incredible results. It includes a defrost function so you can cook food straight from frozen. With easy lean enamel liners and an A energy rating, this cooker is perfect for any home.

Belling BI70FO-STA Built-Under Double Over Stainless Steel
Belling FW814 Washing Machine – This appliance has so many incredible features, including a display type Sensitouch LED display, colour/white washing capacity and an energy efficiency rating of A+++. This washing machine can handle the toughest of stains and can be set to so many different clothing settings, including baby care, wool, jeans, cotton and many more.

Belling FW814 Washing Machine
Belling FSEC50DOW Conventional Double Oven – This oven is perfect for multitask cooking. The top cavity is a conventional electric oven with an electric grill; it has a 22-litre capacity, easy to clean enamel, one shelf with three shelf positions and a grill pan. The main cavity is a conventional electric oven with a 48-litre capacity, easy-to-clean enamel, two shelves with five different positions, adjustable feet and an energy efficiency rating A.

Belling FSEC50DOW Conventional Double Oven
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