Hotpoint: Brand of the Month

For over a hundred years, Hotpoint has invested in innovative technologies for the home. The brand believes in making life easier for all of their clients and to deliver the best home solutions, so their appliances are manufactured with care and passion at all times.

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Be it to remove stains from your favourite clothes to cooking the family’s favourite meal, Hotpoint is a great companion to many homeowners across the country.

At Walworth Appliances, we’re proud to offer a wide range of Hotpoint appliances for all of your needs – and to match your lifestyle.

What is Hotpoint?

Hotpoint, also called Hotpoint Electric Heating Company, is an American and European brand of domestic appliances. American company Whirlpool has European rights, while Chinese company Haier has North American rights.

Founded in 1911, the brand was named after the hot point of the first electric iron, invested in 1905. The company entered the British market in 1920 and remains, to this day, well-known for its fridges and washing machines – many Hotpoint appliances are made at Louisville, the biggest appliance plant in the world.

According to Hotpoint, one of their appliances is sold every 19 seconds in the UK and 2 out of 3 homes have a Hotpoint product.

Benefits of Choosing Hotpoint

Why is Hotpoint a favourite among UK homeowners? Choosing Hotpoint means choosing quality, innovation and style. The company’s appliances are perfect for even the busiest of households and created with the consumer in mind. You can find a large range of Hotpoint appliances at Walworth Appliances, as they offer fantastic features, such as:

Innovation Matters to Hotpoint

The brand is a firm believer of offering the most innovative technologies and products, and of pushing boundaries within the domestic appliance sector. Whether it’s their ActiveCare washing machines with two intelligent cycles that eliminate even the toughest of stains or their Multiflow Technology which distributes constant heat even to every corner of the oven, Hotpoint manufacture products designed to improve user experience.

Energy Efficiency in Hotpoint Appliances

With today’s focus on greener practices and technology, it’s not surprising that Hotpoint is also ensuring their appliances meet or exceed the current sustainability standards. For instance, the Heat Pump technology in their tumble dryers makes them more economic and capable of saving up to 50% in energy. Their appliances also feature an energy rating of A+ or more, which will not only save you money on electric bills, but it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Green Switch for eco friendly appliances

Food Sustainability

Another issue that is important to Hotpoint is food waste. With 7 million tonnes of food thrown away every year in the UK – and ending up in landfill – Hotpoint aims to reduce this number by partnering up with Jamie Oliver in order to encourage people to think about waste in a different way. Their Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food in 2019 campaign aims to reduce this waste in household across the UK by teaching people to be more mindful when cooking, to use the whole ingredient from root-to-stem and to use appliances that can help create delicious meals with this forgotten food.

Hotpoint also support FoodCycle, a charity that uses food waste to create meals for communities all over the country.

Hotpoint at Walworth Appliances

We have many years of experience in providing only the best in domestic appliances to all of our customers. After all, we choose to stock world-class brands beloved by homeowners everywhere, and Hotpoint is certainly not the exception! Take a look at some of the appliances we offer here at Walworth Appliances:

Hotpoint 8Kg 1400 Spin Graphite Washing Machine – With plenty of load capacity, this washing machine is perfect for larger and busier households, especially due to its Anti-Stain cycle which permanently removes even the 20 most stubborn stains. Its energy rating of A+++ is outstanding and will save you money at the end of the month. The appliance offers plenty of functions, including an Anti-Allergy one, which uses a combination of high temperature and additional rinse stages, ideal for those with delicate skin or allergies.

Hotpoint Electric Double Oven Ceramic Hob Black – This conventional double oven comes with an easy clean function, plenty of shelves and several features that will make it indispensable in a modern kitchen. The dimensions of this stunning appliance make it ideal for kitchens with limited space.

Hotpoint Integrated 13-Place Dishwasher – This full-size integrated dishwasher comes with four different programmes: Eco, Intensive, Normal and Soak, which offers a great degree of versatility to homeowners. Other features include an A+ energy rating.

Looking for domestic appliances in Andover or domestic appliances in Hampshire? We have everything you could possibly need here at Walworth Appliances, from fridges and ovens to tumble dryers and domestic small appliances. Order today or just get in touch and we’ll answer any questions you may have.