Vestfrost: Brand of the Month

Vestfrost is a major appliance manufacturer based in Esbjerg, Denmark, and one of the most popular brands around the world. At Walworth Appliances, we are proud to supply a vast range of Vestfrost appliances for your business. From fridges to party coolers, the Danish company has always provided reliable and high-quality domestic appliances at competitive prices.

Vestfrost understand how to make appliances that match even the most demanding of needs and requirements.

What is Vestfrost?

Founded in 1963, Vestfrost have supplied over 12 million refrigerators and freezers to customers worldwide. Since their inception, the brand has designed and manufactured products that are ideal for commercial purposes, as well as for domestic applications. Vestfrost stand out from competitor brands by addressing a variety of issues at once, such as environmental sustainability and commercial viability.

Vestfrost is owned by the Esbjerg Group, which consist of three families local to the area, as well as of several shareholders with connections to Esbjerg. The brand was the first company in Europe to achieve the Ecolabel for a fridge freezer in 1998, which is the EU environmental ‘flower’ label.

When you choose Vestfrost, you’re choosing to purchase quality appliances that will give you the best value for money, as they’re produced with attention to detail and durability in mind – perfect to last a long life.

Benefits of Choosing Vestfrost

Why is Vestfrost such a beloved brand around the world? What makes it the top choice for so many households and business owners? There are many benefits to purchasing a Vestfrost appliance, including the following:


The Danish brand believes in creating greener solutions for the home and for businesses everywhere. Their focus is on creating initiatives that reduce costs and minimise the impact on the planet – perfect for consumers who are worried about their carbon footprint. Because Vestfrost appliances come with low power consumption, you can rest assured they receive the best energy ratings, leading to a decrease in energy bills.

In addition, Vestfrost have implement optimised product packaging. They use polystyrene instead of wood, which cuts weight down by 50 to 70% less while still remaining protective. The size of packaging is also reduced, so more units fit inside transporting containers, which helps to reduce carbon emissions.

High Quality

Vestfrost ensure that all of their products are of the highest quality on the market. From hinges that are tested to open and close 400,000 times to climatic testing in high-tech labs, the Danish brand makes sure their appliances perform optimally and consistently all over the globe.

The appliances manufactured by this company are a lifetime investment. Because they’re long-lasting, their environmental impact is lessened, as the need to dispose of the appliances is significantly reduced.

Easy to Use

Vestfrost appliances are also easy to handle and perfect for workplaces with limited space. Because the company understands that business owners are busy, they’ve created equipment that is easy to install and use, as well as easy to maintain. Perfect for anyone who just wants an appliance that can do the job with no hassle or time-consuming steps to follow.

Vestfrost at Walworth Appliances

Our many years of experience in providing the best commercial appliances means you can be confident that you’re always getting quality. Walworth Appliances stock only the best brands and Vestfrost is certainly one of them. Have a look at some of the Vestfrost commercial appliances we offer:

Vestfrost Upright Display Split Door Refrigerator 12.2 Cubic Feet – This fantastic fridge comes with a split door display and has a capacity of 347 litres. The fact that it has two doors means it can prevent losing cooling from the whole unit and extends the life of the seals. In addition, the appliance also has a lockable door, fan-assisted cooling, LCD temperature display, automatic defrosting, adjustable thermostat, and more.


Vestfrost Party Cooler – This unique refrigeration unit is perfect to keep wines and other beverages chilled. It’s also great for multipurpose applications and easy to move and position and comes with standard wooden shelves and bottle-holder.

VESTFROST CC45 PARTY COOLER CC-45 Refrigeration-Display

Looking for commercial appliances in Andover or commercial appliances in Hampshire? At Walworth Appliances, we have everything you could possibly need to furnish your business, including world-class brands such as Vestfrost. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you or browse our vast range to see our many products.