Candy: Brand of the Month

Family-owned Italian company Candy have been making appliances since 1945. Now a subsidiary of Haier, a Chinese home appliances manufacturer, Candy is well-known for having invented the modern front-loading washing machine in the late 1950s.

More than 80% of Candy’s sales are outside of Italy, making the brand an international company which has always strived to meet the demands of its customers with products that are innovative, of high quality and cost-effective.

We’re proud to stock cutting-edge Candy appliances at Walworth Appliances, which come directly from the manufacturer and offer great solutions for the modern home.

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What is Candy?

After having manufactured the first Italian washing machine in 1945, Candy quickly became known for their quality across the country. Offering high performance in their built-in and freestanding appliances, the home appliances manufacturer offers products with the latest technologies and stylish Italian design.

Candy was named after a popular song at the time, made famous by Nat King Cole and, in 1955 they had become big enough to open their first foreign subsidiary in France. In 1958, they opened one in Germany.

In 1957, the company launched the Bi-Matic, the first semi-automatic washing machine with rinse and spin functions. The first Candy dishwasher was released in 1966 and the brand branched into refrigeration in the early 1970s. Over the years, Candy have worked together with designers to create award-winning appliances.

In the 70s, with the advent of environmental awareness, Candy began to address the issue of sustainability in their appliances. They developed machines that reduced environmental impact and saved resources but still performed optimally. In 1981, Candy created the first fridge freezer with no frost technology. By 2002, the Italian brand was already exporting to 111 countries and, in this same year, the motto ‘Candy Can Do’, which is still in use today, was invented.

Today, the manufacturer remains a popular home appliance brand beloved by many around the world for its quality, performance and design.

Benefits of Choosing Candy

What makes Candy a favourite among homeowners everywhere? There is a wealth of advantages to choosing Candy appliances for your home, which are perfect for even the busiest of households. Created with you, the consumer, in mind, our Candy appliances offer great features, such as:


Early on in their history, Candy have shown to care about the planet. Nowadays, this fantastic brand uses recyclable materials for their components, be it in their appliances or their packaging, and also ensure their production process reduces emissions and complies with the environmental regulations of several different countries.

By creating eco-friendly appliances, Candy is also offering homeowners products that reduce energy consumption and help them to cut back on the electricity bills at the end of the month. With the current environmental concerns, manufacturing sustainable appliances that help to reduce the carbon footprint of homes all over the world is certainly a point in Candy’s favour.



With Candy, you never have to compromise on quality or performance when searching for affordable prices. The Italian brand is renowned for offering technologically-advanced machines that look great in any home at excellent prices, so they’re suitable for a range of households, from small to large.

The fact that Candy believes in creating green appliances also ensures their cost-effectiveness – after all, the brand develops intelligent machines that perform more efficiently and use less water and electricity.


Candy firmly believe in creating home appliances that are not just user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, but that are also innovative and, therefore, designed to improve quality of life. In Brugherio, Italy, Candy strive to produce increasingly innovative appliances that interact and communicate with each other and with users and that are connected via Wi-Fi.

Candy at Walworth Appliances

We have many years of experience in delivering only the best home appliances, so you know that quality is at the core of every appliance we stock. We only offer the best and Candy is up there with some of the most popular machines in the world. Take a look at some of the Candy products we stock at Walworth Appliances:

Candy Fridge Freezer 136cm High White – This A+ rated fridge freezer has a capacity of 111 litres and is split into two glass shelves and one transparent drawer. The freezer capacity is 62 litres. You’ll find this appliance easy to maintain with its Automatic Defrosting function, and will, undoubtedly, benefit from the reversible door system, which means this fridge freezer can be fitted in any kitchen layout.

Candy White 9Kg Condenser Dryer – This fantastic appliance comes with sensor drying technology, so your cycle will stop automatically as soon as the required level of dryness is achieved, saving you time, effort and money. You can choose from four different cycles as well, so you can easily opt for the one that will best suit your clothes.

Candy Washing Machine 8Kg Load 1400 Spin Black – With a great energy rating of A+++, this washing machine combined an 8kg load capacity with 1400 rpm spin speed, guaranteeing you excellent results. The rapid Wash function ensures you can quickly wash your clothes when running a busy household, and you can also choose a specific time to start a programme with the Delay Start feature.

Are you looking for domestic appliances in Andover or domestic appliances in Hampshire? We stock a wide range of Candy appliances for every home or flat, so get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and how we can help. You’ll be pleased to know we also offer FREE home delivery throughout Hampshire.