Built-In vs Freestanding Appliances: What Should You Choose?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an appliance, such as price, brand and size – another element that you must take into account is whether you prefer integrated, or built-in, appliances, or freestanding appliances.

A Cozy Modern kitchen white room interior

Both differ when it comes to style, design and, sometimes, functionality, which means they have pros and cons depending on the layout of your home or business, personal taste, available space and cost. We provide high-quality domestic appliances in Andover and domestic appliances in Hampshire, so we can help you to find out which type of appliance is best for you.

Advantages of Built-In Appliances

Why should you pick an integrated appliance instead of a freestanding one? There are many benefits to doing so, and the main one is the fact that, if you have a small kitchen or laundry room, for instance, a built-in machine will save quite a lot of floor space.

In addition, because integrated appliances are hidden behind doors (often, the doors are fixed to the appliance itself), your washing machine or dishwasher can stay out of sight, which streamlines your layout and design.

With freestanding appliances, you also run the risk of having a complete mismatch when it comes to interior design; because built-in appliances are tucked away, you don’t have to worry about this if you opt for them.

However, with freestanding appliances, you’ll have a dissonant décor on your hands if you choose to change the existing design – or if you want to move home and take the appliances with you. Even the slightest difference in colour will be noticeable.

Another thing to remember is that integrated appliances make less noise, so they’re perfect for your home, especially if you have a small space or a family with young kids. And, of course, they’re ideal if you’re working from home! They are less noisy because cupboard doors help to minimise sound, and because they are surrounded by other machines, furniture or units, so they vibrate less.

A good example of a built-in appliance we offer here at Walworth Appliances is the Indesit Fully Integrated Full Size 14 PS Dishwasher, which offers plenty of space for your dirty dishes while still remaining a sleek, streamlined model. It also comes with A++ energy rating, 8 different programmes, a 12-hour delay start feature and a 40-minute quick wash programme. The machine only makes 44db of noise too.


Advantages of Freestanding Appliances

One thing that’s immediately noticeable when you have an integrated appliance is that you need a ‘plinth’ to cover the base of the appliance. This isn’t the case with freestanding appliances.

Freestanding means you can simply place the machine in the desired spot and take it out whenever you need it without interference from any other pieces of furniture. This makes it easy to remove your appliances to take them with you to a new home or premises.

You’ll also have more places to choose from when it comes to installing a freestanding appliance, as you won’t be limited in the same way you are with a built-in appliance.

Integrated appliances are more difficult to replace and repair, as they need to be removed from their spot, but they tend to be quite heavy. Additionally, if you want to replace an integrated appliance, you may have to replace the cupboard door that is affixed to it. Not only will you be spending more money, but you may not even find a door that matches the rest of your kitchen décor again.

While you can greatly benefit from freestanding appliances in the home, they are also excellent choices in commercial kitchens, bars, restaurants and other businesses. As an example, chefs working in a busy kitchen can find what they’re looking for more easily – and can make use of the appliances more easily as well – if they’re not disguised behind doors.

At Walworth Appliances, we sell many freestanding appliances, including the Bosch Freestanding microwave 900W White, which is a compact machine that defrosts, heats and cooks with its 7 pre-set automatic programmes. This microwave also has a big 25L capacity, a 900W maximum power level and LED display.


Built-In Vs Freestanding Appliances: Which is Better?

To summarise, when are built-in appliances the better choice and when should you opt for freestanding ones?

Built-in appliances are good when:

– Your floor space is limited

– You want a minimalist aesthetic

– You want to ‘hide’ the appliances

– You’re after a trendy, sophisticated look

– You prefer noise to be kept to a minimum

– You don’t want to worry about matching the appliances with the décor

Freestanding is the way to go when:

– You want or need larger appliances

– You have a commercial kitchen

– You’re looking for appliances that are easier to install and remove

– You want more flexibility over where to place the appliances

– You want something easier to maintain and repair

– You don’t want to get a plinth for the appliance

While these vary according to your circumstance and preferences, they can give you a good starting point if you’re unsure which type of appliance to purchase.

And, at Walworth Appliances, we have them both. You can select from our vast range of built-in appliances or opt for our freestanding appliances, depending on what you need or want for your home or place of business. Just get in touch with us on 01264 367 708 if you’d like to learn more about our products and how they can make your life so much easier.