Our Top Tips To Make Your Appliances Last Longer

Over the last few decades, white goods have come down in price considerably. Items that were once a luxury enjoyed by a select few are now an indispensable part of everyday life. The downside of this is that we now rely on these devices completely.

These days it would be impossible for most of us to imagine life without a fridge or a washing machine. A broken piece of kitchen equipment can cause huge disruption to our lives, not to mention costing a great deal to repair or replace.

While the quality of white goods has increased over the years, these items are still far from indestructible. Luckily there are a few simple steps you can take to increase the lifespan of your appliances. Let’s take a look.


The fridge and fridge freezers are perhaps the most revolutionary of all modern household appliances. It allowed us to eat a wider range of food and removed our reliance on ice as a cooling method. Because of this, a broken fridge is one of the biggest disasters that can befall a modern kitchen. If your washing machine breaks down, there’s always the launderette, but if your fridge fails, you’ll have no choice but to throw away vast quantities of food. Here are some ways to stop this from happening:

Clean the coils behind your fridge regularly

These are the most important components of the fridge as they control the cooling process. If they become dirty, the coils will have to work harder to regulate the temperature of the fridge. This causes them to wear out more quickly, shortening the lifespan of the fridge.

Don’t put too much in the fridge

Overfilling a fridge can block the airflow system. Once again, this forces the fridge to work harder, which can wear out the compressor. If you’re struggling to close the fridge door, it’s probably a sign that you need to throw some things away.




Washing Machines

Another marvel of the modern age. The washing machine revolutionised domestic life by freeing up hours in the day that would otherwise have been spent doing laundry. Washing machines perform strenuous work on a regular basis, so it’s important to treat them properly:

Pay attention to the load limit

Overfilling your washing machine puts too much weight on the spinning mechanism, and this can cause it to break permanently. Exceeding the load limit also reduces the quality of the wash and may leave detergent stains on your clothes.

Close the door gently

A broken door switch is one of the most common washing machine faults, and this is usually caused by slamming the door closed. If the switch breaks, the washing machine will think that the door is open and won’t start the wash cycle.


Once seen as a futuristic gimmick, microwaves are now a key part of any modern kitchen. A good microwave can easily last for ten years or more, as long as you take proper care of it:

Keep your microwave clean

A dirty microwave is not only unhygienic- it can also be dangerous. Leftover food particles can catch fire when they are reheated, and this will break your microwave for good.

Be gentle with the door

Just like washing machines, microwave doors are liable to break if slammed. A damaged door may not shut fully, forcing the microwave to work harder to heat up food. This will eventually cause it to break down.



A relative newcomer to the kitchen, dishwashers are a huge timesaver in both domestic and commercial settings. A dishwasher is a big investment, so it pays to take care of yours:

Clean the inside of your dishwasher

You might think that the washing cycle will take care of this, but it’s worth giving the inside of your dishwasher an extra clean from time to time. This prevents mineral deposits and scraps of food from building up, which can clog components and cause the machine to break down.

Clear your plates before putting them in the dishwasher

Again, this prevents food scraps from clogging up the machine and also ensures that your dishes come out completely clean in most cases too!

Run your dishwasher’s “clean dishwasher” cycle at least once a month

This is designed to clear out any blockages and can vastly increase the lifespan of your machine. The importance of carrying out this clean on a regular basis cannot be understated, especially if you are looking to get longevity out of your dishwasher.


Invest In Quality

As well as taking good care of your appliances, it also pays to buy a quality product in the first place. Well-made products are less likely to break down, saving you money in the long run. At Walworth Appliances, we only stock the finest domestic and commercial appliances. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standard, so you can make your purchase with complete confidence.

Whether you’re looking for domestic appliances in Andover or domestic appliances in Hampshire, we’re your one-stop-shop for quality white goods. Why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements or visit our showroom in Andover.

If all else fails and you aren’t interested in purchasing a brand-new appliance for your home, then why not consider using our domestic appliance repairs service? We have a dedicated in-house engineer and repair specialist on hand to quickly come and repair your broken appliance either on the same or next day if you live in the Hampshire area.