Bosch: Brand of the Month

The motto ‘Invented for Life’ represents everything Bosch are about, as the multinational engineering and electronics company believes in creating products and offering services that are designed to improve quality of life. Operating as Robert Bosch Limited in the UK, the brand’s core areas include mobility solutions (such as software), consumer goods (like household appliances and power tools), energy and building technology, and industrial.

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What’s so Brilliant about Bosch?

Bosch really is a brilliant brand which is why we were extremely excited to open our specialist Bosch showroom earlier this year! Whether you’re after a Bosch fridge, vacuum cleaners or cheap washing machines in Hampshire, you can find them here. So why is Bosch such a good brand, and why should you choose one of their appliances for your home? Well, we’re about to tell you!


A Long History

Robert Bosch opened a ‘Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering’ in Stuttgart, on the 15th of November, 1886. The workshop itself was a small rented premise which featured one office, plus 2 workshops – today the Bosch factories are much bigger than that! In 1898 Bosch opened an office in London, it was the first office for the brand to be built outside of Germany. However, the first manufacturing plant to be built outside of Germany was made in Paris in 1905. The brand then went even further afield, even to the USA.

In 1998 Bosch celebrated 100 years in the UK, which means that the brand has been working successfully in the country for 116 years, which is a huge feat in itself!

Bosch haven’t always been known for their domestic appliances, in fact historically their engineering was used primarily in motor vehicles; they made fuel inject pumps and nozzles for diesel engines. Over the years the brand has designed and manufactured some of the most impressive appliances and inventions in the world, including the notable;

  • Bosch Hammer Drill (1932) – The brand created the first electric drill that was able to rotate and strike at the same time.
  • Bosch Electric Refrigerator (1933) – it was circular in shape and certainly a revolutionary product.
  • Bosch Gasoline-injection Systems (1951) – This specialist system was devised for passenger cars with two stroke engines.

Since then the brand has gone on to create exceptionally engineered products together with stunning design.

Style & Affordability

One thing that is notable about the brand is that all products are built to be stylish, without the extortionate price tag! Bosch appliances are effortlessly chic and incredibly practical, which is definitely one of the many reasons why they are such a popular brand. Whether you’re after creating a contemporary aesthetic in your kitchen or you would prefer a more retro aesthetic, you can achieve it with the help of both appliances.

With products available in black, white and, silver, you are certainly offered a range of options that other brands do not offer!


Bosch products are designed to be incredibly efficient, which means when you buy a product from this brand, you can be certain that your bills won’t be sky high and they’ll be wonderfully environmentally friendly. Appliances are placed on sale with an energy rating; many of Bosch’s products, especially the washing machines feature an energy rating of A+++ which is the highest and most efficient rating of them all! So if you’re looking for efficiency – choose Bosch!

Brilliant Bosch

So what is so brilliant about Bosch? Everything! They have such a long standing history in the engineering industry, especially in Britain. Their products are universally attractive, practical and excellently designed. You can count in the brand for reliability and efficiency. To find out more about Bosch appliances, why not head down to our specialist Bosch Show Room located on the Walworth Business Park in Andover!? We offer these exceptional products at fantastic prices, so don’t miss out!

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