Space Saving Solutions for the Smaller Home

Homeowners with limited space in their homes don’t have to miss out on excellent quality appliances that make their lives that little bit easier. In fact, there are many small, yet highly efficient, appliances that are perfect for compact, cosy homes. Whether you live in a small home or flat, and whether you’re looking for domestic appliances in Andover or domestic appliances in Hampshire, we have a few space-saving solutions that we’re confident you’ll love.

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Essential Appliances for Throwing a Successful Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party and entertaining guests is a lot of fun; it’s also more cost-effective than treating your family and friends to an evening out at a fancy restaurant. sitting around the dining table sipping wine and eating a gorgeous home-cooked meal is a true pleasure in life – if you can’t get enough of hosting dinner parties but would like to make the task easier – and guarantee a smoother running – we have just what you need at Walworth Appliances.

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Top Laundry Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

You may have been washing your clothes for years, but do you consider yourself an expert at everything laundry-related? Even though you have the experience, there’s more to making the most of your washer or dryer than separating lights from darks. Because you might not be aware of some of the most common laundry mistakes homeowners make, we’ve compiled a list to help prevent them.

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Instances Where You DON’T Want Your Washing Machine to Break

There comes a time in the day or the week, or even in the month when you could think of a million other things you would rather happen than your washing machine break. Whether your kids have just come back from a messy day out or there’s been a huge orange juice spillage, it’s just a burden that you really don’t want. However, you aren’t alone – these things happen more often than you think, and it happens to everyone! Let’s thank the stars for domestic appliance repairs!

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What Healthy Foods Should You Always Have In Your Kitchen?

It’s that time of the year where everyone is getting extremely conscious about the food that they are eating. With summer holidays looming around the corner, people start to become more aware of what they are and aren’t putting in their body.

It’s really easy to eat unhealthy meals when only have limited options available to you. A well stocked kitchen allows you to not only choose what type of meals you want to eat; it also allows you to put together meals quickly.

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