Top Tips for Drying Your Clothes Indoors

At Walworth Appliances we pride ourselves on offering high quality appliances for a range of purposes. Everything from our washing machines to our spin dryers in Hampshire are available to provide your home with an efficient and effective solution to whatever your individual requirements. With the onset of autumn, and the encroaching winter, we are all decreasingly able to rely on the old fashioned outdoor techniques to deal with our washing, particularly when it comes to drying our clothes.

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How To: Clean Your Tumble Dryer

It’s important to treat your tumble dryer to a little extra care and attention every now and again, to make sure it keeps working in tip top condition. This is particularly important during the winter months when your dryer is typically in heavy use. So here in the latest instalment in our series of “how to guides”, we take a look at some handy hints and tips for cleaning your tumble dryer.

Lint Filters

It’s important to clean the lint filter of your tumble dryer after every use. The lint filter is the part of your tumble dryer that catches all the fluff from you laundry. Cleaning this will help ensure your dryer keeps running at peak efficiency.

Make sure your dryer is switched off, and has had chance to cool down, before attempting to remove the filter. There should be instructions in your tumble dryer’s manual, advising you on how to do this. Once you’ve removed the filter, get rid of any fluff, wipe with a damp cloth, and leave to dry before refitting.


Some tumble dryers are fitted with a sensor that can detect how wet your washing is, and will automatically stop when your washing is dry. If your tumble dryer has a sensor, it’s important to clean this regularly too. This can be done by simply wiping the drum of you dryer with a little white vinegar. If you do this every few months or so, this should help ensure the sensor keeps working at its best.

Heat Exchanger

Condenser dryers are fitted with a vital piece of equipment, known as a heat exchanger. It’s important to clean this crucial part of your dryer regularly too, as overtime this can become clogged up with fluff from your clothes. If this occurs, your tumble dryer will no longer work as efficiently and its energy consumption will increase notably. Hence, it’s important to clean this regularly, this can be achieved by simply running it under a tap to wash away any built up  dirt and grime.


Don’t forget about the outside of your dryer! Simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking good as new.

Hopefully this quick how-to guide will help you to get the best out of your tumble dryer. Here at Walworth Appliances we’re suppliers of a fantastic range of high-quality domestic appliances including tumble dryers in Andover. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, by giving us a call on 0844 4068877.



Get The Most From Your Tumble Dryer

With summer drawing to a close the days of hanging out your washing on the line to dry are nearly at an end. Hence with the best of this year’s weather coming to a close it’s important to start considering alternatives for ensuring you are able to dry your clothes effectively over the coming autumn and winter months.

Tumble dryers are a quick and easy solution for drying clothes and most households wouldn’t be without one. Here’s some handy tips for increasing the efficiency of your tumble dryer so you can get the most out of it.

There are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure the maximum efficiency of your tumble dryer. For example try fitting in the maximum load in your dryer ever time you use it, without overloading, so you can cut down on the number of times you need to use it.

Another means of increasing the efficiency of your tumble dryer is to ensure the clothes you put in are not wet to an unnecessary degree. Indeed it is always a good idea to put the clothes in your washing machine on spin prior to placing them in your drier; this will get rid of any excess water and ensure they are as dry as possible first, thereby reducing drying time. It’s also important to make sure that you place your clothes in your dryer in an orderly fashion, as if clothes are all tangled up, it can take them longer to dry. It can also be useful to separate fabrics as some can take longer to dry than others.

It is also essential you clean your tumble dryer filters regularly; otherwise fibres from your clothes can build up in the filters leading to blockages and reducing the efficiency of your dryer.


Ultimately, it’s also worth considering purchasing a new more energy-efficient tumble-dryer. If you’re looking for cheap tumble dryers in Hampshire then here at Walworth Appliances we have an amazing selection of great quality tumble-dryers for you to choose from. For more information about our range of products please do not hesitate to contact us by giving us a call on 0844 406 8877 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

7 Ways to Add Personality to Your Laundry or Utility Room!

If you are lucky enough to have a separate laundry or utility room, which houses your domestic appliances, there are many ways to accessorise! Read on for some ideas which are both practical and appealing…

1.       Create a sock claim area

For all those socks that end up separated, create a sock claim area. Kind of like a dating website for all those items that are clean, single, looking for a sole mate…

Get a wire coat hanger, and some cute clothes pegs and hang any odd socks up!

2.       Get a sweet sign

A chic little sign, such as this one from Dotty Home Gifts and Interiors (eBay), will add a cute and kitschy feel to your utility room.

3.       Consider a  wall decal

If you have plenty of wall space in your laundry room, why not add a unique wall decal, such as this one from AutoDecal2013 (eBay).

4.       Start a spare change collection

Keep a jar near your washing machine for the contents of your un-emptied pockets. Decorate the jar by painting the inside of it with a left over paint tester, and keep it as a tip jar for mum/dad/whoever is doing the laundry!


5.       Create door storage

Save space by storing detergents in a rack on the wall or door. You could use a shower caddy or a spice rack.


6.       Hang your ironing board on hooks

For a neat, stylish way to store your ironing board, create a special hook. Mount a picture frame and hang two coat hooks to the inside of the frame. Paint the creation for added zest, and hang up your ironing board. This is both visually appealing and practical!


7.       Stylish instruction manual

Combine practicality with decoration and invest in this stylish instruction manual from Lettered&Lined ( Not only does this vintage inspired sign look good, but it’s useful for younger people and students, who may not be so familiar with the correct laundry procedures!


If you are looking for domestic appliances in Hampshire, or are looking for cheap washing machines in Hampshire, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Walworth Appliances.


Keeping Your Utility Room Stylish

The kitchen is the heart of the home and only the bedroom tops it for time spent in it, with this in mind we focus a lot of attention on making our kitchens look and feel good. There are literally thousands of ways in which you can decorate your kitchen and there are some truly amazing colour schemes and patterns to choose from. Whether you go for bright and breezy, deep and dark or the classic clean white colour palette there are some amazing units and appliances that will compliment your colour scheme.

One room that is all too often left out of the interior design plan is the utility room and it can become a real eyesore. Imagine if you will that you host a garden party, even though people will marvel at your beautiful kitchen and garden, they will generally have to trudge through a boring and characterless utility room in order to get between.

‘But people don’t notice that do they?’ well the simple answer is that people notice everything, and more importantly, you will start to notice it. The simplest way to solve this is to make your utility room part of your interior design and continue the style from your kitchen through into this handy room. This not only makes sure that your utility room is not an eyesore but it also ensures that your house has a pleasing linearity in its style.

Once you have given it a fresh lick of paint and made sure that all those loose wires and dodgy skirting boards have been taken care of then you are going to want to address the issue of that battered and shabby washer and dryer. One option is to rig up some sort of cover that conceals them but this is simply making them harder to get to which is a sure path to frustration.
The best way to match them into your overall design scheme is to buy new ones that match into your colour scheme. Our range of washers and cheap tumble dryers in Hampshire is sure to have plenty of options that tick all the boxes for style, efficiency and price. We also have a range of colours and styles of appliance available so whatever your colour scheme you will easily find something that matches perfectly.

If you need any further help on finding the right appliance for you or want to know more about how to order then do not hesitate to contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Little April showers; the art of drying your clothes in spring


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything” – William Shakespeare


Spring has finally arrived and the sun is finally beginning to pop out from behind the clouds with a more pleasing regularity. The flowers are beginning to bloom and it is high time that the nations washing lines began to fill up. There is nothing quite like washing dried on the line, the crispness, the outdoors smell it all works together to give a truly lovely feeling. The problem comes though with the reality of spring, which is a cruel, fickle season that likes nothing more than to let your washing get all but dry and then to summon up a timely downpour. These downpours are the washing lines natural worst enemy and can undo an entire day’s work.

There is a silver lining to every spring cloud though and it is still possible to get through huge amounts of washing without having to rely on the intermittent weather patterns. Here at Walworth Appliances we stock a huge range of tumble dryers in Hampshire as well as a range of other high quality appliances. Adding a tumble dryer to your appliance repertoire can make it far easier to take care of your laundry quickly but it can be hard to choose the right dryer. Thankfully there is a dryer to suit every household, but the one key choice that often catches buyers out is whether to choose a condenser dryer or a standard vented dryer.

Condenser dryer

A condenser dryer, as the name suggests condenses the liquid from your washing and collects it in a removable container which needs regular emptying. This collection rather than venting of steam makes them perfect for properties where a vent cannot be attached as they do not lead to damp collecting in your home.

Vented dryer

Again the key is in the name with this one and as you have probably already guessed these dryers vent the steam from your washing directly into the atmosphere. If this is done in a contained space then this steam can quickly lead to damp, if properly ventilated though the steam is allowed to escape rather than build up.

The preconception of dryers is that they are there to replace your washing lines all together but this is simply not true and one of the greatest joys of them is when they are used to supplement line drying. With an average spring temperature of around 6 degrees with all the best will in the world it can take an age and even by the end of the day those thicker items may not be completely dry. Having a dryer on hand can allow you to finish them off in the machine and still get that line dried feel and smell.


So if you love that line dried feel and think that tumble dryers are the devil then it may be high time to change your mind and pack up at least one of the whirligigs. If you have any questions about exactly what dryer or other appliance is right for you then feel free to contact us today and our experienced staff will be happy to help.