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Burco Appliances

Burco Appliances

Burco appliances s a leading name in the field of water heating and catering equipment. Over the years it has also consolidated its deserved reputation as the premier brand for water boilers. We stock a wide range of Burco appliances including toasters, ovens, microwaves, pie cabinets, kettles and more are all designed to serve you and your customers well within the catering sector and are a good representative of Burco’s high quality equipment across the board.


A Huge Range of Burco Ovens, Toasters & More

Founded as W.H Dean in 1895, Burco first made their name in the 1950s with the Baby Burco Wash Boiler. They have since launched fresh technology and evolved their appliances to continuously meet modern needs and demands, and are now ranked among the world’s most experienced catering equipment providers, committed to bringing innovation, value for money and unparalleled choice.

Performance is vital for any successful kitchen appliance, and Burco’s six burner gas ranges, boiling tops, induction hobs and convection ovens are great for delivering optimum performance and a fast cooking time. They’re also easy to clean. As Burco’s speciality, their manual fill electric and gas water boilers are similarly high in quality, being available with or without filtration.


Contact Walworth Appliances for the Best Deals on Commercial Burco Appliances

Burco commercial appliances of all shapes and sizes are available from Walworth today, in accordance with all the high standards of customer service that you’ve come to expect from us. Don’t forget that – like all of our products – our Burco commercial appliances benefit from fast delivery options to a ground floor location of your choosing, and easy 14-day returns to give you maximum confidence when you buy from us. Dispatches to our home areas of Andover and Hampshire are also FREE. And if you have seen an equivalent appliance from another provider at a better price, don’t hesitate to give us a ring either, as we’d love the opportunity to match the deal.  

If you have any further questions about our Burco appliances, feel free to call our customer-focused team on 01264 367708 or leave a message in our comment box. We’ll be happy to assist you.