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Commercial Beverage Equipment

As part of a catering establishment, or as a simple business trying to create a more enjoyable kitchen and break area for your staff, efficient beverage equipment is an important accessory, especially if you're tired of waiting for the kettle to boil. Being able to serve up drinks quickly makes for a smoother more efficient business, not to mention your quick service will keep your customers happy and content.


Our commercial beverage equipment is individually suited for specific task roles within your business. From automatic water boilers, to manual water boilers, we're sure we have a make and model to suit your every need.


Auto Fill Electric Water Boilers


Operating at a remarkable 70-96⁰C, our auto fill electric waterboilers remove the hassle of manual filling and allow you to simply enjoy the a constant stream of hot water without needing to wait for it to boil.


The EB3F Lincat Auto Fill Water Boiler 31 litre p/hour model, for instance, offers up an ingenious built in filtration system, reducing the risk of limescale build up and increasing the water quality, making this product one of the most popular commercial beverage equipments we have on offer!


One aspect that benefits this and our other auto fill models is the cheap cost of running. With its high efficiency it costs you less to run than it does to boil a kettle! And if you're in any doubt about the operational status of the boilers, the inbuilt LCD screens show the operational status of the boiler.


Manual Fill Water Boilers


Whether you're looking for an easy piece of commercial beverage equipment to store your hot water, or whether you're looking for a water boiler to move around with you, our manual fill water boilers are perfect for the job.


The ideal piece of commercial beverage equipment for village or town halls, offices, catering vans, or as an additional boiler for your catering establishment, these stainless steel constructions are a stable and secure means of handling your hot water.


Easy to descale and simple to quickly clean, the manual fill water boilers grant you high quality boiling water with every use, no matter where you are.


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With a lot more ingenious, efficient and effective water boiling and glass freezing commercial beverage equipment for you to explore and discover, we're sure you'll be able to find the perfect piece of equipment for your business. There are some other amazing products you can check out such as commercial chest freezers and counter top display fridges. Can't find what you're looking for? contact us today on 01264 367 708 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.