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Commercial Dishwashers

Many parts make up a successful working kitchen in a business environment, and commercial dishwashers are certainly a key player. Since expanding from domestic only products in 1989, our experienced team are dedicated to bringing you renowned brands for the most reliable products.



What Does your Kitchen Call for?


Our product offering caters for businesses of varied space, volume and pace, suitable for restaurants and more. In a time where not only customers, but health and safety inspectors, demand a top level of cleanliness, it’s incredibly important to have reliable machines that work every time, all the time. As also seen with a dishwasher’s natural teammate, commercial glasswashers, establishments are likely to have differing specifications and preferences depending on their level of demand. For smaller kitchens with lower volume, one of our under counter, lesser capacity commercial dishwashers, such as the SD40 DC 11 plate or the SD45 DC 14 plate, would be ideal. For those expecting a larger turnover of customers, we have models that have an increased capacity of 18 plates, such as the PD50 DC.



Energy Efficient Commercial Dishwashers


Of course, there is more to it than loading capability. We stock a range that best performs for the speed you need. With cycle times running for as little as 2-3 minutes, you can clean as you go for an increased time efficiency and carry on with business as usual. Dishwashers like the PD1000 with high temperatures, generally designed with a raised hood, have the power to sanitise the plates without any aid of chemicals, unlike those of a lower temperature. As a critical behind the scene supporter, this integral appliance is powered by economical energy sources. Here at Walworth Appliances, we have commercial dishwashers for sale that are extremely efficient, with most models boasting low water usage. Reduced electrical and chemical costs are also factored into many models we stock.



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If you’re still unsure about which specifications of commercial dishwashers are most suited to your kitchen, our knowledgeable and dedicated team are more than happy to help. Call us today on 01264 367 708, email or submit your queries to our comment box.