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Commercial Display Fridges

High Quality Commercial Display Fridges


At Walworth Appliances, we are industry leaders in the provision of quality refrigeration appliances with a great reputation for supplying the finest commercial display fridges, including the highest quality counter top display fridges.


Our range of commercial display fridges include a vast array of sizes and volumes suited to either soft or alcoholic drink displays. Ensuring the sustained temperature of your stock is of the upmost importance to guarantee your products are kept at the perfect temperature, aiding to assure their shelf-life; keeping your customers satisfied keeps us satisfied.


Selecting from our Counter Top Display Fridges Range


Whilst we boast a large array of floor standing display fridges, counter top display fridges are becoming increasingly popular. Their eye-level positioning makes them perfectly apt for swift drink selection for the customer, and ideal for quick and easy access for your staff. Also, the succinct nature of our counter top display fridges, and their concise size, allows you to offer your finest drinks and produce in one neat location whilst simultaneously avoiding out-facing your patrons.


Choosing the Right Commercial Display Fridge for You


Our industry-specialists take every care to guarantee that your individual requirements and bespoke specifications are met. At Walworth Appliances we understand that every customer is different; with individual needs ranging from quantity of stock to display, to the size of floor-space available in your establishment, we strive to guarantee we are selecting the best fridge for you and your business from our commercial display fridges range.


Contact Us Today Regarding our Display Fridge Range


Our expert professionals are here to meet your individual needs, so if you would like to seek further information regarding our other products such as Vestfrost SZ464C chest freezer or even to discuss your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01264 367 708 where one of our friendly team will be awaiting your call.