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Commercial Upright Fridges

Commercial Upright Fridges

Here at Walworth Appliances, we specialise in supplying commercial upright fridges, amongst other commercial appliances, to many businesses in various industries, and have done so since 1989. From supermarkets and convenience stores to cafés, restaurants and other food outlets, we are sure to have a model to suit your space, volume and demand. Also available in a range of styles, from coloured through to handle or no-handle, they will be an easy fit into your current kitchen or form the design of a new one. No matter which design you decide on, all of the upright models we offer are designed to keep food and drink products cool and fresh.


Quality, Reliable and Durable Commercial Upright Fridges

We pride ourselves on the reliability of all commercial upright refrigerators from the renowned brands we offer you, and never compromise on durability. You can rest assured that when you buy heavy-duty refrigerators online from Walworth Appliances, you are buying quality from the likes of Polar and Tefcold.


Capacity of Commercial Upright Fridge

A key benefit of owning a commercial upright fridge for your business is its ability to properly regulate and reach the recommended industrial temperatures, with each model we stock fitted with temperature controls. Designed with hygiene in mind, we offer heavy-duty refrigerators with removeable shelving options, allowing for easy cleaning and ultimately safeguarding the food you store. With most of our upright fridges being highly energy efficient, you’d be saving on your bills and doing your bit for the environment too; there’s never been a better time to upgrade.


Contact Us for Further Information

Walworth Appliances’s dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts are more than happy to answer any questions surrounding commercial upright fridges, along with any other queries you may have. Just call us today on 01264 367 708 or email us at Alternatively, you can submit any enquiries to our comment box.