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Commercial Wine Cabinets

Commercial Wine Coolers

We aim to offer a wide range of commercial appliances in Andover and Hampshire such as commercial wine coolers that are key to a smooth-running business like yours. Lots of different appliances work together to create an efficient service for your customers, making for a happy place for them to visit and for you to work. Though it may not be what you first think of, not all appliances have to be solid items that are kept behind the scenes; our commercial wine coolers are appropriately designed to be used as sophisticated display units. You can therefore show off your fine wines as the specialities they really are.


Elegant and Sophisticated Commercial Wine Coolers

We have a wide selection of large free-standing commercial wine coolers: ideal for large restaurants, bistros and bars. We also cater for the smaller businesses and have an equally wide range of smaller, more compact and medium-sized coolers. Ranging from a capacity of 7 bottles to 280, there’s one to suit every sized business based on demand and current interior. Aside from the aesthetics, our commercial wine coolers are designed with ease and efficiency in mind. A lot of our models are created with shapely bottle racks, preventing bottles from rolling and knocking into each other. A lot of these racks and shelving units are also at an incline; this helps to keep the corks moist, reducing potential wastage of perfectly good wine.


Our commercial wine cabinets are ideal for wine collections that are likely to be consumed relatively quickly with constant replenishments, like those of restaurant requirements. They have great abilities to chill the wines quickly and reach a consistent, proper serving temperature. The beauty of our free-standing commercial wine coolers is that, when the time comes for fresh decoration, these durable appliances can be moved whenever, to wherever your space permits.


Delivery That Works for You

We aim to deliver your commercial wine cooler within 2-3 days as standard. If you’d like to know more about delivery specific to your purchase then please contact us on 0800 3285567.


Contact Us for Further Information About Our Commercial Wine Cabinets

If you still have unanswered questions after reading the information provided, members of our expert team are more than happy to help and are available in ways that suit you best. Get in touch today by calling the above number or email us on Alternatively, submit your queries to our comment box and we’ll be in touch.