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Hoover Appliances

We stock a wide range of Hoover appliances including Hoover fridge freezer range,Hoover dryers, Hoover washers and various other Hoover appliances for kitchens at Walworth Appliances. We deliver only the best in appliance technology at great prices. Each Hoover appliance we offer comes directly from the manufacturers themselves, so you know you’re getting authentic products of the highest quality.

Hoover Fridge Freezers and Dishwashers

Our Hoover fridge freezers are perfectly designed for any kitchen, no matter its size or even décor. Stylish and functional, these Hoover fridge freezers come in varying sizes that range from slimline to American multi-door styles – you can be confident that you will find the right size to fit your needs at Walworth Appliances. For your under-the-counter requirements, our Hoover larder fridge comes with plenty of space, a salad crisper function, a wine rack and customisable shelves.

We also stock Hoover dishwashers that are ideal for even the busiest of kitchens, offering several programmes and temperature settings that are capable of withstanding loads of heavy-duty household kitchenware.

Practicality Meets Contemporary Design

Boasting a variety of cutting-edge features, our Hoover appliances for the kitchen are not just stylish, they’re also incredibly functional. The Automatic Defrosting capability means each fridge freezer in our Hoover range is easy to maintain – and you won’t have to worry about having to manually defrost your appliance.

They also come with separate controls for the fridge and the freezer, ideal for hosting functions, and with extra deep door storage to keep bottles from toppling over. Your appliance can also be easily tailored to your refrigeration needs, with its adjustable shelving.

Our fridge freezers and dishwashers are energy-efficient as well, with an A+ rating, perfect for anyone who uses their kitchen appliances a lot, wants to save money on their electricity bill or simply wants to do their part for the environment.

Sturdy and stylish, each Hoover appliance is suited for a contemporary kitchen.

Hoover Washer and Dryers

The brand also features a selection of laundry appliances, from washer and dryers to washing machines and Hoover dryers. Whether you’re a large family requiring a high-capacity drum, or you need a more compact machine for a smaller home, Hoover offers exactly what you’re seeking.

Ideal for any modern kitchen or laundry room, these laundry appliances also come with quick wash cycles for urgent wash loads – perfect for a busy household.

The brand also uses the latest technologies to create high-quality and high-performance laundry appliances, such as a built-in sensor which stops the drying cycle once clothes are dry, saving you time and energy. Walworth is sure you will find either a Hoover washer, Hoover dryer or a combination of both hoover washer and dryer to meet your household needs.

Eco-Friendly and a Variety of Features with Hoover Appliances

Hoover appliances are perfect for the environmentally conscious homeowner. Each and every single one of them comes with fantastic energy-efficiency ratings, as well as several rapid cycles to choose from.

Our Hoover appliances offer a wide range of features that make them popular and chosen by many homeowners across the nation. These include eco programmes, half wash loads, anti-crease functions, delay timer and variable spin options.

Enquire About Our Hoover Appliances

We’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our Hoover appliances, so don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling us on 01264 367 708, emailing us at or submitting an online form. We look forward to hearing from you.