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Hotpoint Appliances

The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company, more commonly known as Hotpoint, was founded in 1911 in California. The brand has been providing some of the world’s most reliable domestic appliances since its inception, from Hotpoint washers that will clean your clothes flawlessly to ovens that will cook your food to perfection. Hotpoint appliances are fitted with the latest in technology and are suitable for any contemporary home.

Hotpoint Washers

At Walworth Appliances, you can find a wide variety of Hotpoint washers that have been designed with the customer in mind. We offer high-quality Hotpoint condenser, reverse and tumble dryers and Hotpoint washers; you can also choose between integrated or free-standing appliances. Hostpoint washers also come equipped with high-tech features, such as their anti-tangling technology, as well as a great variety of programmes that are suitable for different situations.

From quick programmes you’ll benefit from if you’re in a rush, to plenty of space for all of the family’s clothes, Hotpoint washers will easily complement your lifestyle. Hotpoint specialise in high-tech, high-performance laundry appliances that you can find at Walworth Appliances at competitive prices.

Hotpoint Cookers, Fridges & Hobs

This world-class brand is known for more than just their domestic laundry machines. Hotpoint appliances also include cookers, fridges and hobs. Their designs are equally as impressive and are manufactured with the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for Hotpoint fridge freezers, dishwashers, fan ovens, Hotpoint cookers, ceramic hobs, gas ovens and traditional Hotpoint hobs, or evem double ovens, we’ve got you covered at Walworth Appliances.

Built-in or free-standing, Hotpoint appliances are perfect for all kitchens, be it small or busy, and offer unparalleled quality, style and innovation. With a focus on innovation, Hotpoint appliances are reliable, easy to maintain, and feature the latest in appliance technology. You can’t go wrong with this fantastic brand which has strived to make life easier for over 100 years.

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