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Indesit Washing Machine, Dryers & Ovens

Founded in 1975, Italian company Indesit Appliances are one of the leading European manufacturers and distributors of appliances for homes. Since its inception, the brand has been providing reliable, high-quality machines equipped with the latest in technology. Indesit appliances are manufactured and designed to have a long lifespan, making them suitable for a variety of homes across the UK. At Walworth Appliances, we’re proud to stock several Indesit appliances from this brand for your kitchen and laundry room, which we get directly from the manufacturer.

Indesit Laundry Appliances 

Our top-of-the-line washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers have been designed to make your life easier. With high-tech features that make them highly practical and durable, as well as a great selection of styles that ensure they complement any space, Indesit appliances are perfect for modern life. They’re also suited for a variety of domestic settings, whether you have a small or large family or a home with limited space.

Guaranteed to meet even the most demanding of needs, Indesit laundry appliances come with many different programmes that have been carefully thought-out with your lifestyle in mind. If you’re in a rush or only need a couple of items washed or dried, you can relax knowing your washer or dryer will take care of any load quickly and efficiently. The brand’s innovative solutions allow them to stand out even among the latest technological advancements on the market.

Indesit Ovens

At Walworth Appliances, you can choose from an array of Indesit double ovens – from fan to electric – all of which have been designed to fit any contemporary kitchen. Indesit’s appliances are ideal for both large and small kitchens, as exemplified by their variety of sizes. The Indesit double ovens come with a grill and a hob so you can have all your cooking appliances in one. The under-the-counter freezers can also perfectly fit in any layout, no matter how limited the space. 

Finished in different styles and materials, our Indesit appliances for the kitchen are also energy-efficient, ensuring you get performance at great prices.

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