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Medical Fridges & Freezers

Amongst our commercial fridge freezers, we supply a range of practical laboratory and medical fridges and freezers for your business to benefit from. Whether you're part of a busy laboratory, researching chemical imbalances or cell mutation, or you're part of a trusted and reliable team of pharmacists securing and preserving vaccines and insulin, lab samples and pharmaceuticals, it's important that your medical freezers and refrigerators are up to the task of keeping your samples and medical supplies at the proper temperature.


Laboratory Fridges


It's vital in laboratories to have an effective and efficient laboratory fridge to preserve test samples and potentially highly reactive substances. For your work, and that of your colleagues, it's important you can deliver the very best equipment for them to work with.


Our Laboratory fridges operate between a cool +2 ⁰C and +10 ⁰C generally acting at a stable +6⁰C as an effective cooling temperature. External digital controllers are available to give you full monitoring control of your laboratory fridge from the outside, without having to open the fridge door. This allows you to keep your test sample and reactive components at a constant temperature. Audible and visual alarms are also installed into our laboratory fridges to indicate any high or low temperature anomalies.


Ensuring your samples stay secure 24/7, our laboratory fridges are protected under lock and key to prevent any unauthorised access to your research materials.


Medical Fridges


Different to our laboratory fridges, our medical fridges and freezers offer up a slightly more specific set of required features to ensure all medical stock and supplies are kept at the correct temperature for effective use.


Operating at a moderate +2⁰C to +8⁰C, our pharmacy fridges work in cooler temperatures to accommodate for their more selective contents requirements. Featuring an integral controller, our medical fridges enable you to set the required temperature for your medical supplies and samples, making it easy to monitor and easy to record the minimum and maximum temperature levels of the fridge.


Fitted with audible and visual alarms for you to know when the temperature deviates from your desired setting for longer than fifteen minutes, our medical fridges keep you in control and are an effective tool for keeping your samples at a constant temperature.


We understand that buying a laboratory or a medical fridge can be very costly, whether for personal or business needs. If you have any questions about our products including commercial kitchen appliances and whirlpool commercial washing machines, contact us today on 01264 367 708 and our friendly team will be happy to help you.