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The Vestfrost Freezer, Vestfrost Fridge & Cooler Range

Here at Walworth Appliances, we stock a wide range of commercial and domestic appliances in Andover and Hampshire. Our latest stock of Vestfrost freezers and Vestfrost fridges are ideal for commercial purposes. As the manufacturers of Vestfrost freezers specifically design their products from the ground up with biomedical, merchandising and wine storage purposes in mind, you can rest assured that the freezers in this range are more than likely going to suit your needs.

The team of experts at Vestfrost set themselves apart from the rest of the market with their ethos of addressing multiple aspects at once, for instance commercial viability, considerations of the end-user and above all, environmental sustainability .

When choosing to purchase a Vestfrost freezer from Walworth Appliances, you can rest easy knowing that you will be receiving the highest value for your money and that you will get the right freezing solution combined with advantageous low operating costs.

Our Vestfrost Cooler Range

One of the different types of freezing units available in this range is our selection of Vestfrost coolers. These are an ideal choice for those wishing to have frozen perishables on display for a customer-facing solution. Some of the models within this range also have a glass sliding door incorporated into their design which allows for even greater product visibility and easier access.

Uses for Vestfrost coolers are vast and can include, but aren’t limited to, the storing of biomedical samples, the display of frozen goods or for food preparation in commercial kitchens.

Our Vestfrost Fridge Range

We also stock a range of upright Vestfrost fridges, which are perfect for displaying your products to your customers. The glass doors and interior light allows you to clearly present your stock. These Vestfrost fridges come with adjustable temperature so you can stock a wide range of food or drinks within the cabinet. Additionally, Vestforst fridges come with either a one or two door set up so you choose whether to break up the display of your stock. 

Take a look at our fridge range from the Vestfrost brand, and take advantage of our fantastic prices. 

Chest Freezer Storage Solutions

For a chest freezer storage solution, look no further than Vestfrost chest freezers which boast a minimum A+ energy efficiency rating, making them very eco-friendly.

Their high capacity ensures that you’ll find it difficult to run out of space for the storage of your frozen goods. Some models from our selection of Vestfrost chest freezers also include additional storage baskets for even greater organised storage space.

Another advantage associated with Vestfrost’s range of freezers is the incorporation of their Frostfree™ technology which defrosts the freezer at regular intervals in order to prevent any excess build up of ice. This means that any stored items within your Vestfrost freezer will avoid being enveloped in frost and reduce the chances of them fusing with the freezer’s chassis.

FREE Home Delivery Throughout Andover & Hampshire

At Walworth Appliances, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service. When you choose to buy a Vestfrost freezer or Vestfrost cooler from us, or any other appliance in Andover or Hampshire, you will be able to take advantage of our FREE home delivery service.

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